In today’s modern generation, watching the full episodes of your favorite TV shows wherever you are is now possible. While you’re on the move, you can catch these videos by visiting a few websites on the internet, and you can also download movies and watch TV shows online legally and for free!

However, finding the best sites on the internet is not an easy thing to do. For most of the time, you need to be careful with the unofficial websites you’re going to visit to avoid scam that might also infect your smartphone or computer with viruses. So to give you an idea, here is a list of ten sites for streaming the latest TV shows online for free.


share tvShareTV is a community-based online television site that is ideal to help you search and watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free. When there are shows that air new episodes, this site would be helpful for you to keep track of them. The site offers you a list of full-length episodes you can view online using your smartphone or your PC.

ShareTV is an essential site you can visit online when you want to watch the TV shows you missed. It has pages that can offer you thousands of TV shows and each of them is complete with countdowns up to its next episodes that you can stream and enjoy.

Using this site, you can now enjoy watching all the TV shows you want by browsing through their genres or checking out its Trending Shows and What’s New Tonight features. You can also use its checkbox options to find the show quickly. Clicking an episode can also provide you with the list of sources to where you can watch the show. is another excellent site you can visit for streaming your favorite TV shows online for free. This website is user-friendly and well managed and can help you provide a unique airing category making it one of the best streaming online sites. is an accessible website that allows you to keep track of your favorite TV shows when they air on the television. By using this site, you can now watch them right away as soon as they’re starting to air on your TV.

The site can provide you with a wide range of exciting television categories while allowing you to explore more TV shows online using your smartphone or PC. It also has a search engine feature to help you quickly find the genre you want. Thus, the site would be an excellent source for watching your favorite TV shows online for free.


RetrovisionRetrovision is an excellent website for watching free classic TV shows. The site can offer you free classic online movies that you can view and enjoy right from the site. Its content is also available on a public domain making it legal for you to stream and download any TV series you want for free.

The website is easy to navigate because it offers genre-specific menus. Some of its different genres include Horror, Drama, Comedy, Cartoon, and more. Under these genres are their subcategories that contain the film’s names and movie titles.

Retrovision is also an excellent website for watching your favorite TV shows. Most of these shows usually came from the 1950s to 1960s. On the other hand, the site also offers you a free app named Classic UHF that is perfect for your Android device with no sign-up required.

Pluto TV

Pluto TVPluto TV is an excellent and free TV show website that allows you to watch TV shows like they’re on regular television. The site helps you to find the TV shows from hundreds of channels it offers as well as thousands of free TV shows and movies. Its channels allow you to watch the news, sports, daily soaps, and more.

The site also has separate sections for music, movie, comedy, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. You can scroll its channel guide to help you quickly see your favorite channel brands. One of its channel brands is the CBSN where you can watch or stream for the latest news worldwide.

Pluto TV is also an excellent streaming website for watching your favorite movies online. The site offers channels such as Horror 24/7, Action Movies, Black Cinema, and more. Aside from that, some of these channels also help you explore other films that might sound unfamiliar for you such as Ninja and Vendetta.


YesMoviesYesMovies is an excellent free movie streaming website that allows you to watch your favorite TV series from their past or latest episodes. This popular site offers you with B-movie, indie, old, and brand new films from around the world that you can watch for free.

The site allows you to easily select TV shows because it has a user-friendly interface and has a thumbnail display. It also offers excellent video quality that helps you to stream your favorite TV series online more efficiently making this website ideal when you’re on the go.

YesMovies can provide you the opportunity to stream all your favorite and lately trending TV shows online. You can visit the site and select its series category first before you can search them and enjoy streaming online for free. Aside from that, the website also delivers a few ads that can help boost and enjoy more your viewing experience.


Sony_CrackleCrackle is a Sony-owned video streaming website that lets you stream your favorite TV shows and videos for free. The site has an easy to navigate interface that can be an ideal alternative for you to enjoy viewing your videos right on your computer device.

Crackle is a website you can trust when it comes to quality and reliability. You can choose to view the famous TV shows from its collections such as Firefly, Seinfeld, The Shield, and anime shows as well. In case you prefer using your smartphone, the website also has its free iOS and Android app you use to watch videos online.

Aside from your smartphone, its videos are also free and legal to view from other devices such as smart TVs and Android TV. Crackle has a well-organized interface that can help you watch TV videos easily. You can also try to stream videos from its genres such as crime, drama, action, comedy, and more.

Hotstar TV Series

Hotstar TV SeriesHotstar is another excellent video streaming platform you can visit to watch free TV shows online. It is a popular website that lets you watch your favorite TV shows online for free with just a few clicks your computer device. It can also offer you a user-friendly interface that can help you quickly search and find these online videos.

The site can also offer your favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones and other HBO movies that you can enjoy watching online for free. Aside from TV shows, Hotstar also allows you to stream your favorite movies, videos, songs, and more. You can also use your smartphone by downloading Hotstar app on Google Play and Apple App Stores.


PopcornflixPopcornflix is an ideal free and legal TV streaming website for watching your favorite free TV shows online. The site can offer you free movies with a variety of genres you can search and view online without logging into a user account. The site has its menu on the top of your screen to help you quickly find and watch films.

To search for films and TV shows, you can access its different genres using its menu. Some of them include Foreign films, Documentaries, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Action, etc. that you can view using different devices. If you’re a millennial, the site would also be ideal for watching 90’s childhood classic movies such as The Adventures of Super Mario.


TubiTubi is one of the ideal online websites that lets you watch free TV series legally. The site also includes movies that you can view by a few clicks even without signing up an account. You can also enjoy its neat and clean interface and search your favorite TV shows online quickly with the help of its well-outlined categories.

Tubi lets you browse and visit its various categories such as Comedy, Drama, Action, and more. Its excellent streaming quality also helps improve your viewing experience from your favorite TV series and movies. You can also download Tubi app to your iOS and Android device that allows you watch TV series online when you’re on the go.


TVPlayerTVPlayer is a free live TV streaming website that offers you a lot of free channels for watching your favorite shows legally. When you’re on the go, you can visit the site to stream TV shows that are currently airing live. You can create an account using your email address, verify it, and start streaming online.

The website can offer you free access to live TV channels such as Lifetime, History, Discovery, BBC 1, etc. using your computer device. Aside from that, you can also download the TVPlayer app to your Android or iOS smartphone to help you quickly watch your favorite TV series online and get a great TV experience on the go.


Watching the full episodes of your favorite TV shows doesn’t always need your cable package or your television. When you’re on the go, it would be ideal that you get the best websites for watching free TV shows online legally. Indeed, you can always take advantage of today’s internet generation and enjoy free online TV streaming wherever you are.