Sending Flowers to man

It is not just the ladies who love receiving Flowers from loved ones. Men do like getting some pampering and attention. While flowers are the purest form of gift you can give to someone, surprisingly many men love getting flowers from ladies.

When You Should Give Flowers?

Know OccassionThink of special occasions such as birthdays, special anniversaries such as the day you both met for the first time, the day he proposed or the day you married. If the man in question is not your lover, then you can gift the flowers when he has a job promotion, important achievement or just when you feel like thanking him for being in your life.

What Color Flowers to Choose?

colour flowersWhen it comes to men, you better stay away from girly colours like pink and purple. Red is, of course, the colour for your love. Other colours would be white, yellow, orange, and blue. Men love bright colours, so any flower that is vivid hued should be given to a man. Avoid pastel colours too, as they are considered feminine.

Know the meaning of Flowers?

If he is the love of your life, then obviously it has got to be roses. Red roses are a symbol of passionate love. Other flowers that you can give a man would be tulips, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, etc. Anthuriums are also suitable for men.

flowers and their significance

Some flowers and their significance-

Red rose- Love

Yellow rose- Friendship

Tulip- Admiration

Chrysanthemums- Friendship

Daisies- Loyalty

Alstroemeria- Devotion

Bamboo- Good luck

Anthurium- Hospitality

Carnation- Pride and beauty

Daffodil- Regard and chivalry

How to Decorate the Flowers?

Different-shaped-bouquetsThe arrangements of the flowers are also very important. A bouquet will do the trick, but you can include some stuff according to your creativity. Do not give a man huge bouquets. Keep it simple and small. The flowers should be able to fit a vase on his work table or desk.

Go for exotic and contemporary arrangements of flowers. Tie a ribbon around the flowers and include a card with a special message to give it a personal touch. Your man will certainly be impressed. Get the best personalized floral ideas.

Accessories to include –

Other-giftsAlong with the flowers, you can send a bottle of champagne or a box of assorted chocolates. You can also include something that he likes, related to his hobbies probably a book or a pen. Think out of the box and please the man you love.

Times have changed and tables have turned. A few years ago, gifting a man with flowers was not at all imagined. But today, more and more women are giving flowers to their men and the men are not shying away from accepting the flowers.

After all, they too need some special attention. You can send flowers to Jaipur or any place where your man is in just a couple of days.  Surprise them with lovely flowers this time!