RV Safety Tips That You Should Know

RVs are worth investments. They are handy when traveling, and you can take a road trip in your RV or sleep in it and save on hotel costs. However, they are easy targets for thieves, making RV storage a challenge for many RV owners. Besides, theft is an increasing concern for people who use their campers and trailers for travel. There are various ways to store your RV, though. This keeps thieves at bay and saves you a lot of stress.

Check out RV safety ideas to try out:

#1. Park right

There are various parking spots, but not all are safe. However, there are various units available that you can buy or hire to ease parking, and all facilities have unique features. With rv storage in boise, you can choose a unit size depending on the amount of space you require. When you buy or rent a storage unit for your RV or camper, you enjoy a lot of security and won’t have to bother about thieves damaging your valuables.

Why book or buy a self-storage unit?

  • Enhanced security

One of the most important considerations when storing your RV unit is safety. Professional RV storage will help you achieve this and more. It offers a secure space where you can park your RV at all times.

  • Space

With professional RV storage, you can choose the most suitable storage unit depending on the size of your RV. This ensures adequate storage space and frees a lot of space in your home.

  • Solid storage ground

It’s not advisable to store your RV anywhere. Weather changes can alter the condition of the ground, which can lead to damages to your RV. However, your vehicle won’t get stuck or sink into the mud ground with a rented storage unit. 

#2. Secure you RV

Locking the doors and windows of your RV may not be enough. There are multiple additional measures that you can take for enhanced security. Get a lock that goes around the kingpin, the most popular types are padlocks and cylinder locks. Cylinder locks feature a locking mechanism and a special key with no duplication options.  

Moreover, consider a boot; it will cover the wheels and prevent turning. The cover will also secure the lugs and prevent thieves from detaching and stealing them. Some thieves change the tires on the camper, even when you have a boot cover. Be sure to acquire one that over the lugs fully.

#3Acquire the right security systems

There are different security systems available. These include cameras, deadbolt motion detectors, and more. With these devices, your unit will be safe, especially at night when thieves can vandalize it. For instance, a motion detector will help detect animals, cars, or people who may try to access your RV.

The bottom line

The safety of your RV matters a lot, and this is why you should rent or buy a storage unit. These units are affordable and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Besides, your vehicle can easily get damaged or stolen when you lack safe storage.