Purple Casket

If you are in the market for a more unique type of coffin or casket for your loved one’s funeral, then you might be considering a purple casket. Although wood, mahogany, or bronze caskets are typically the most traditional option when it comes to funeral planning, choosing a purple casket can help you remember your loved one, honor their uniqueness, and use some creativity in the planning process. 

After all, why do we want every single funeral to look the same? If your loved one was a unique individual, then why should the funeral be boring and plain? Honor their memory by choosing a unique and vibrant purple casket that is going to be the perfect way to view your loved one for the last time – and see them in a positive light before they move on to the other side forever.

But what type of purple casket do you want to choose? You can choose a purple casket at around $1,000 for your funeral – providing a cost-effective and stylish option that can work with any type of funeral arrangement. You can choose between a steel casket that is either standard, oversized, youth, or greater than 33” for added space. 

  • Andover Series – One of the best purple casket options is the Andover Series caskets coming in a few different colors like orchid, white, purple, and blue. The series come in a wide variety of colors to add to the frailty of your funeral and is more cost-effective than other options on the market. 
  • Orion Series – The second type of purple casket to choose for the funeral that you are planning is the Orion Series casket, complete with a white interior color, rubber gasket, durable lock, and gloss exterior finish to add extra style and luxury.
  • Reflections Series – The third type of purple casket that you can consider purchasing for a loved one’s funeral is the Reflections Series, starting at around $1,300. This casket is a unique style that is great for those who want to choose something bright and elegant for the funeral process. Competing with seashell hardware, this detail-oriented choice is the ideal option for those who want a high-class funeral.
  • Atlas XL – The last type of purple cast that you might consider choosing for your loved one’s funeral is the ATlas XL option, starting at $1,400. For those who really want to spend time and honor their loved one who recently passed, they can enjoy spending extra money on this detail-oriented option that has reinforced handles, elegance, and numerous color choices.


Are you considering purchasing a purple coffin for your Leon’s unreal? If so, then concede choosing one of the aforementioned options to respect your loved one and put their memory to test. Take all the time you need to choose a luxurious, elegant, and stylish option that is going to respect their last wishes during the funeral planning process. After all, you want to use this creative process to honor your loved one and show the world how unique they were in the world.