Runwal Forests Review

It’s hardly an overstatement to claim that Bhandup West is one of India’s most desirable places to live. I knew this would be my final stop before wrapping up my research. Deciding where to continue your study was the first objective, and it was completed without much difficulty. I had a hard time finding an excellent location to live that was also conveniently located close to my school. It was somewhat challenging to locate one. Ultimately, I could purchase those flats thanks to my goal, which took me toward Runwal Forests. You’ll have your very own warm and welcoming home in Runwal Forests, and you may give it any name you choose. There’s also a little world full of high-end amenities right here on the grounds of the society itself, and you can call it anything you like.

How Do I Discover the Runwal Forests Project?

I had to convince myself that I could handle the independence required to attend college in Bhandup West without my father’s approval. Because of this, he had conversations with all of his relatives and friends to find me a welcoming community to settle down. 

My brother had just moved to the area, so he looked for him before continuing his quest. He informed me that he was already a resident there and that I should consider moving there seriously since it had everything I needed, especially the safety and conveniences I value most.

Runwal Forests Price and Amenities That I Adore 

With your savings, you may buy a spectacular home in an area with breathtakingly beautiful green scenery and vast open expanses of land. Consider this an option if it’s something you’re considering. A condo like this may range from 1.14 Crores to 3.1 Crores; Mine cost me 1.90 crore Indian rupees. Some amenities that fall within this category include:

  • Runwal Forest has furnished the complex with high-quality conveniences for its residents, including a creche, café, multipurpose court, yoga zone, outdoor and indoor children’s play area, activity area, and senior citizen corner. 
  • Each structure is optimised in a manner that reduces environmental impact.
  • With 24-hour security, a manned gatehouse, and fire safety systems that meet or exceed industry standards, you can rest easy knowing your family is safe in one of these houses.
  • Various health and sports facilities are accessible, including a gym, Pilates studio, Pilates reformer, running track, walking track, and several outdoor training stations.
  • To make the most of your time here, you should check out the life-designed pool, zen gardens, nature walk, vegetable garden, gorgeous garden, and herb & spice garden.

Three reasons to buy the property in Runwal Forests

  1. Location Advantages 

Runwal Forests is where you want to go to find the perfect house since it has everything you could desire. Due to its convenient location, Runwal Forests is a great area to live for families who want to send their children to prestigious schools without sacrificing too much time in the workplace. The property’s location affords several potential benefits, some of which are detailed below.

  • Within 2-8 Kilometres and no more than 5-20 minutes, you may reach 7Melon, K D, KanjurMarg Station (W), Kanjur Railway Station Bus Stop, and Bhandup Station (E).
  • Within a three to four Kilometres radius, you may reach hospitals like Chandan Charitable Hospital, Sanjivani, Ankur Hospital, ECHS Polyclinic, and Spectrum Health Care in little more than five or six minutes.
  • You’ll find multiplexes within a range of 5-10 Kilometres, including Cinepolis, Wedding Dream Studio, Carnival Cinemas, Huma, and Shiv Garjana Mitra Mandal BHANDUP.
  1. Amenities I Love

My family was overjoyed with the residential units because of their superb ventilation, beautiful architecture, and sophisticated aesthetics. The apartment complex is at a location that provides easy access to a wide range of services and facilities.

  1. Reputed Builder 

Runwal has contributed significantly to the transformation of the Mumbai skyline over the last 40 years, erecting some of the city’s finest residential, commercial, and organised retail facilities. With over 65 completed projects, the Group has brought joy to over 35,000 individuals and their families.

The first time I saw Runwal Forests, I was convinced that I wanted to purchase a home here. Fortunately, I found a perfect property within my budget and today I am happy to call Kanjurmarg West as my permanent home. If you are actively searching for properties in Mumbai, I would highly suggest you check; they have verified property listings that will help you finalise which project is the best for you!