Whether you have a permanent store or a pop-up store, you need a POS system. You need to ensure that you can sell your products seamlessly, irrespective of the place of sale. You may have a permanent store, but you may also need to set up a temporary shop.

You may even participate in a trade show. So how do you ensure the integration of sales figures between your permanent and temporary shops? Well, you can now use Shopify’s POS hardware products to that effect. This can ensure a seamless integration of data between all your different sales channels.

Wherever you sell stuff, you can make sure that your actual inventory data is reflected in real time. In this article are going to run you by all the different hardware products that Shopify has put together for your POS needs.

Complete Kit

complete kitEverything you need to start selling immediately- The Complete POS Kit from Shopify

This is an ensemble of all the stuff that you need to set up a shop at any place and sell briskly. What you get here includes an iPad stand, a cash drawer, a wireless receipt printer, and a card reader. You just need an iPad to complete the setup of your POS and get it running. Whether you have an iPad Pro, an iPad Air, an iPad mini or just an iPad, sync it with Shopify and start billing. The wireless receipt printer can be kept on a counter top since it allows Bluetooth connectivity with the iPad. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection. Paper and ribbon loading in the printer is easy. You can print about 60 receipts per minute through Bluetooth. The card reader is essential for customers using debit or credit cards. You just need to tap on the screen to open Apple pay. You can accept payment through contactless cards as well as chip-based cards. The EMV chip technology used in the device makes payments safe. For magnetic strip cards, there is a provision for swiping. It has a charging cable, so you can charge it like a mobile wherever there is a charging point.


The All-In-One combo pack contains Star mPOP Basic, Star mPOP with a scanner and mPOP receipt printer rolls. The Star mPOP Basic device is a combination of a receipt printer and a cash drawer for your mobile POS. It is portable and the receipt printer works via Bluetooth connectivity with the iPad. A starter roll of receipt pages is included in it. The Basic is available for $399. The Star mPOP With Scanner has the added advantage of coupling the device with a barcode scanner via the given USB port in it. This is available for $579. You can also get mPOP receipt printer rolls at $29. This includes 12 rolls of receipt paper. There truly is no better convenience than having all your hardware together as one unit, is there?

Card Readers And Stands

If you just need card readers for your portable POS, there are some smart ones to choose from at Shopify’s hardware section. The chip and swipe card readers available at Shopify are mobile solutions for accepting payments from debit and credit cards.  You can connect the card reader with the tablet via Bluetooth. You can place the card reader in an appropriate card reader stand, also available on Shopify. While the Tap, Chip & Swipe Reader costs $89, the Tap, Chip & Swipe Stand costs $39. The Chip & Swipe Reader by Shopify is available for $29.

iPad Stands

No more fidgeting and clutter at your POS location. The iPad Stand is a basic necessity for a mobile or a retail POS. Whichever iPad you have, you need to use it extensively. So make sure you get an appropriate stand. Shopify sells stands for different iPad versions at two price points – $199 and $129.

Barcode Scanner And Barcode Printer

The barcode system is essential for any retail POS since it helps in managing the store, sales and revenue figures. You can get high-resolution barcode printers to print barcodes and stick them to your products. You can also get barcode labels from Shopify. With all this, you also need a barcode scanner. You can get both 1D and 2D barcode scanners from Shopify. These barcode scanners are portable and can be connected to the iPad through long-range Bluetooth connection. While the Barcode Printer is available for $119, the 1D and 2D Barcode Scanners are available for $229 and $399 respectively. Barcode labels are available in a variety of label sizes from $19 to $49 per box of labels.