Today, Shopify development services have become an excellent option to build an eCommerce store. More than 1 million businesses use Shopify as a platform for their eCommerce services. Amongst all the other platforms, Shopify has built a unique presence with outstanding functionalities as well as features.

Shopify has become one of the most popular platforms for online stores as it is an affordable option to build an eCommerce store. The Shopify development services allow you to leverage the full potential of this platform to grow your business. It renders various tools and features like store customization, upsell, cross-sale, product placing, multiple payment gateway integrations, order tracking, and much more. It simply helps you to get maximum ROI for your online store.

 Let’s have a look at some interesting Shopify stats before jumping on to why Shopify is the most preferred platform for eCommerce and Online Stores.

  • Shopify Has Nearly 11 Percent of the Total E-Commerce Market Share
  • The Number of Shoppers Who Bought from Shopify Merchants Increased By 52 Percent from 2019 to 2020
  • Shopify’s Total Revenue Increased Year-Over-Year By 47 Percent
  • Over 50 Percent of Shopify Stores Get Repeat Purchases
  • 69 Percent of Orders from Shopify Stores Comes from Mobile
  • 87 Percent of Merchants Use Shopify Apps to Run Their E-Commerce Business
  • Using 3D Product Images on Shopify Can Increase Conversions By As Much As 250 Percent

Top Reasons To Use Shopify For Your eCommerce Store

An online store that is created using Shopify development services can be launched online and requires very little configuration. It is great for store owners who want to quickly showcase their products in the market. Along with this, Shopify renders an incredible user experience that encourages customers to revisit your website.

Quick Store Development

  • Shopify App Development is a popular option to quickly create an online store. The app development part mostly consists of plug-and-play. There are hundreds of available plugins that can add rich features and functionalities to your website within no time.
  • With a proficient tech partner like Webential, the app development time is further reduced. Shopify developers allow you to create an eCommerce store within a specific time frame. It has a huge community that renders support in the development process as well.

Detailed Admin Panel

  • The backend of the Shopify admin portal enables you to find an entire console which is vital to operate your online business. 
  • You can simply receive all the reports of the orders at a single glance. Along with it, you can also get separate reports of which products have better sales and how to optimize them more. 
  • It enables you to get real-time insights and data about the page visitors and their interaction with your online store. 
  • It also renders the feature to manage all your product inventory while adding special discounts or sale coupons. 

Visually Appealing Designs

  • Mostly, all the online shopping stores look similar in design. But, industry leaders like Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, and many others have extraordinary designs to render exceptional user experience.
  • Today, local stores and mid-size enterprises can also create an attractive eCommerce store with 100+ alluring Shopify themes. 
  • Skilled, experienced, and dedicated Shopify Developers can help you customize themes and build a personalized online store as per your preferences. Such stunning eCommerce stores can add to the credibility of your customers.

The Benefit Of Cloud Network

  • Most of the eCommerce platform renders a physical server to store information regarding your online store. Hence, it’s challenging to expand on the high sale season. 
  • Also, there are high chances of your website breaking down due to overload. This directly leads to loss of brand trust along with monetary losses. Did you know? ‘The average cost of downtime for large enterprises is more than $11,600 per minute’
  • With Shopify development services, you get the benefit of being on the Cloud Network. Thus, there are very few chances of website crash and it can be simply expanded whenever required.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Businesses in 175+ countries use Shopify as a platform for their online store. Hence, it has enabled third-party payments gateway integrations that are supported in most of the countries of the world. 
  • Store owners need not worry about unlisted payment gateways. Shopify offers around 100 payment gateway integrations to help users get sorted with payment.
  • Another impressive thing is Shopify development offers secure transactions for your online store. Due to a global clientele, Shopify offers complete transaction security for a smooth payment experience.
  • Shopify enables you to add well-known payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Paytm, Razorpay, and many more.

Marketing. Marketing. Marketing

  • Marketing is a must to get more visitors and customers to your online store. Grab end-to-end benefits of marketing through the Shopify platform.
  • Shopify enables you to take complete control of your store’s marketing while saving on the hassle of hiring someone professional.
  • It also offers a plethora of plugins related to offers and discounts, email marketing, store statistics, gift cards, and much more. These plugins can be used as personal marketing tools that are easier to use.

Mobile Responsive

  • As mobile users are rapidly increasing, online store owners are in a constant dilemma if their shopping website will support mobile devices or not. With Shopify, you need not worry about this. It allows you to develop mobile-responsive websites to better serve customers worldwide.
  • With Shopify, online stores can sell all across the globe. This platform is well known for its dropshipping capabilities that enable eCommerce owners to sell their products across different countries of the world.
  • Mobile-friendly stores enable users to access them easily through their mobiles while enabling them to purchase high-quality products. 

SEO Friendly

  • What’s the use of an online store if it doesn’t have a powerful online presence? While building an online store, you need to ensure that it complies with all the SEO standards to rank high on search engine results.
  • Shopify renders this feature so you don’t have to worry about the SEO of your online store.
  • Shopify doesn’t degrade the SEO values while migrating from a different eCommerce platform though there are a few changes in the URL structure. 
  • Shopify renders an advanced analytics approach that enables you to tailor your SEO campaigns as per your requirements.

Excellent Customer Support

  • Shopify offers dedicated customer support to resolve all the concerts in the development of the online store and after launching the online store as well.
  • Shopify wants to help you succeed on their platform and thus offers an eCommerce blog where professionals and experts share best-in-class tactics.
  • Shopify offers massive online support that never lets you and your business down.

Final Thoughts

Shopify is an excellent online store development platform that has great credibility for its leading solutions and services. Shopify development comes with robust features and functionalities to help online retailers as well as entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products without any hassles.

Though Shopify may seem easier, it is quite challenging to build a fully-customized online store. Hence, hire Professional Shopify developers who can build a customized online store as per your requirements.