California is a very chill place with bustling cities and clean beaches. The diversity and size of this state mean that there is a place for everybody. With agricultural economies and booming technologies, California is the ideal place to advance your career. And if you want to start building your own family, it’s one of the best places with many excellent schools and beautiful attractions. If you’ve finally decided, you can seek the help of movers such as Move Central to assist you. Here are some things that you should know before moving there:

Thriving Businesses

Because it is an economic powerhouse, California is a good place to start your business. From the year 2010, this state has contributed 20% of the nation’s growth. Moreover, the rates of unemployment in California are quite low, making it the ideal location for people who want to grow their careers.

California offers incentives to private investors, so many prefer to register their businesses here. Some of the incentives include tax credits and subsidies, and grants. If you’re a promising start-up that needs funding, viable research and impressive presentation can earn you approval for a substantial grant to kickstart your business.  It’s no wonder half of Fortune 500 companies reside in the Golden State.

The state of California is a leader in agriculture, tech, and tourism industries. If you are a farmer, it is the best place that you can move due to its thriving agriculture. Do you want to know what’s it like to live in LA? You should move to places such as Eighth & Grand apartments to experience it for yourself.

Watch out for Celebrities

If you like to watch people, then you should know that LA is the home of most American celebrities. If you find yourself in the right place, you might just run into your favorite celebrity. Are you an outdoor lover? California has some of the most beautiful beaches such as La Jolla Cove. You can also explore some of nature’s wonders by visiting Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks.

Many people see celebrities on a typical and ordinary day, not during a glam moment.  People get the surprise of their lives bumping into a celebrity at a gym, the grocery, running at a park or getting their coffee If you can’t spot your favorite celebrity, you can always have a photo beside their name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Road Tripping in Cali

If you like to take road trips, you should know that California has the best road systems and highways. The best way to get from one place to another is by car, not by public transport. However, if you prefer to use public transport, you should move to the San Francisco Bay Area, which has a good public transport system

One of the best routes for a trip is the Northern California wine country.  You may begin in San Francisco and travel north to the beautiful Napa Valley.  Explore excellent wines in the different sprawling estates around the valley. Don’t forget to drop by the 13th century castle of Amorosa for excellent photo opportunities with your family.

Technology is Thriving

Some of the largest technology companies, which include Intel and Apple, have headquarters in Silicon Valley. Tech companies such as Wells Fargo have employed many people, making them the biggest job providers. If you have a degree in tech, moving to California is a good idea because you will have numerous job opportunities.

Big City Life with Chill Vibes

Every city in California has a distinctive living experience. However, San Jose and Palo Alto are some of the best places to live. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose has some small town charm. It is also the 3rd biggest city in the Golden State. Moreover, the closeness of San Jose to nature makes it a clear favorite for nature lovers. Palo Alto has wonderful weather all through the year and a tech-centered culture.

Year-round Sunshine

If you like warm weather and sun, California is the place to be. The winters are cool and wet but the summers are dry and warm. If you are not a fan of extreme heat, you should move to California’s coastline, which boasts mild temperatures and highs of 70 degrees in August.

Burbank and other inland cities have warmers summers with highs of 95 degrees. The southeastern region of the Golden State has some of the highest temperatures in the world, with highs of up to 120 degrees.


The above tips will help you to decide whether you should move to California. Southern Cali boasts good Mexican food while Northern Cali has a variety of foods. In terms of climate, the weather in Southern Cali is much warmer and sunnier than that of Northern California.