A lot of small business owners are reluctant to invest in barcode technology for their business.  They are concerned at the cost and are unwilling to take the risk of investing in GS1 South Africa barcodes.   This blog is here to illuminate the benefits and different reasons to use barcodes in your small business.  Business owners are often unaware of the ways that if you buy barcodes it can save you time and money, and push your business onto the next level.

#1. Barcodes are simple to use

Using barcodes in your business is a very simple process and very easy to use.  It does not take long to train your staff to use the handheld barcode scanner. This means less money and time taken up in staff training. Your staff can get right down to the business of making money.

#2. Barcodes store necessary data

Barcodes store a large amount of data about your business.  This data includes which products sell best, which are slow movers as well as the needs of your customers.  This data will enable you to stay on top of your competitors and ensure that you gain loyal and satisfied customers.  A business is maintained by regular customers. Without regular customers, businesses often fail. Using barcodes in your business will push up your profits and your business will thrive.

#3. Barcode Technology is advancing every day

Every day there are new advancements and developments in barcode technology.  Barcodes started out as simple, one dimensional barcodes. Now we get more complex, two dimensional barcodes. This new development has expanded the different ways that barcodes can be used in modern day society. Two dimensional barcodes such as Quick Response Codes (QR codes) are used in Snapscan, throughout the medical industry as well as in many other industries. They store a larger amount of information than 1D barcodes and can be scanned both vertically and horizontally.  The next step in barcode technology is RFID tags which has further revolutionized modern day society. It is very exciting to be part of this innovative development. Who knows what is in store for us in the future.

#4. Barcodes allow businesses to stay competitive

In the modern day business world, it is critical to stay ahead of your competitors. Investing in barcode technology will give you the edge you need to compete effectively. It will lead to customers and competitors taking you seriously as a business.  Acquiring barcodes for your business means that you mean business and are here to stay. It enhances your reputation in the business world.

#5. Barcodes limit human errors and save time and money

Utilizing barcodes for your business will limit the amount of human error that occurs.   In the past, retail assistants had to manually search for each item on the sales system. This took a lot of time and inevitably mistakes were made.  Using barcodes in your business leads to shorter queues, happier customers and fewer mistakes made. This saves time and money and enhances the image of the company.

#6. Barcodes assist in Inventory control

Inventory control can be a tricky, complicated and time consuming process.  Barcode technology assists business owners to control and monitor what comes in and goes out of your business.  This makes inventory control a breeze. Each item is registered on the system and is given a unique barcode. As this barcode is scanned, the system updates the amount of items in the store.  This also helps to be able to determine whether there is any shoplifting occurring.

#7. There are many different kinds of barcodes to choose from

There are many different kinds of barcodes.  It is important to choose the barcode that matches the needs of your business. If you are in the retail business, you will require EAN / UPC barcodes in order to sell your products. You may choose to invest in QR codes so that you can use Snapscan at your checkout counters.  If you want to supply goods in bulk, then it is a great idea to acquire ITF-14 Barcodes (also known as Box or Case Barcodes). If you are in the medical industry, Quick Response codes are the barcodes you will need. There is a barcode to match whatever your need may be. If you would like to publish a book or a magazine, you will need to apply for an ISBN and ISSN number respectively.  Barcodes are versatile and flexible and have become indispensable in modern day society.

#8. You can attach barcodes to any surface.

You can attach a barcode to almost any surface.  You can even invest in barcode labels to make it easier.

In conclusion, SA Barcodes is here to provide you with whichever barcode suits your business needs the best.  We are excited to be a part of the innovative developments in barcode technology. Our barcodes are of the best quality possible.  In addition to this, they are cost effective. We walk you through the process step by step and you will receive your barcode package within 24 hours. Investing in barcodes for your business is the best and most productive decision you can make.  Barcodes will give your business the tools it needs to thrive and stay ahead of your competitors.