Reasons Why Newlyweds Desperately Need a Self-Storage Unit

When newlyweds unite their lives and dreams, they also merge their belongings. This excess of items can create clutter that can end your honeymoon phase sooner rather than later. As the excitement of marriage sets in, the accumulation of junk can strain your relationship. Even the third most romantic state, Florida, witnessed this universal struggle with a divorce rate of 13%. 

Romance and love can only go so far to preserve your marriage. With household chores being the leading cause of arguments amongst couples, decluttering can reduce 40% of housework and potentially save your relationship. Consider tidying up your home by renting self-storage units to store these spare belongings to help you transition into a newlywed life. Here’s how these facilities can benefit you.

Importance of decluttering 

While you’re navigating the changes in your relationship, putting up with each other’s clutter can cause new issues. This 2022 survey revealed that 34.4% of people argue with their spouse about the mess in their home. These problems can get heated when your partner doesn’t meet your standards of cleanliness or vice versa. 

Clutter causes stress, preventing you from spending quality time with your spouse. However, chaos is inevitable when two people move in together. Living together means sharing space; there must be more to keep everything you own. However, newlyweds can’t just move into a four-bedroom house. Housing is expensive, especially in a city like Fort Myers. A single person’s rent alone is around $2369, with 18% higher housing cost than the national average.

These financial constraints are one of the reasons why Florida has the sixth-highest divorce rate in America. If you live in such areas, consider renting a self-storage unit to prevent clutter from accumulating in your newlywed home. Renting a unit in a Fort Myers FL storage facility can give you space to store essential belongings you don’t have room for yet. It can keep these items safe while transitioning into your new life as a couple and figuring out your home situation. However, remember to choose a trustworthy self-storage company to protect your belongings. Consider the following factors before renting:

  • Type of storage: Think about what you need to store and how large are your items
  • Accessibility: What are the opening times? Facilities open 24/7 are ideal
  • Security: Is the unit in a secure area with proper surveillance? 
  • Cost: Compare prices by getting quotes and choose the most affordable option

Renting a self-storage facility makes it easy to declutter your home and make it a comfortable space for you and your spouse. It helps you avoid a chaotic home and saves you from many potential challenges. Besides creating a neater space, a self-storage unit has many more benefits for newlyweds. Some of them include the following: 

Space for duplicate belongings 

Once you and your partner start living together, deciding what to do with duplicate items can be challenging. You both once had your own place that had essential items like furniture and kitchenware, but it’s different now that you share one space. You can’t have two beds, microwaves, and toasters. While you and your partner can decide which items you both want to keep in your newlywed home, you can’t just toss out the rest.

Instead, you can rent a self-storage unit to keep these duplicate items safe until you decide what to do with them. Whether you want to sell, donate, or save them for a bigger home, these facilities ensure they don’t clutter your apartment. Ideally, it would be best to plan which items to keep before moving in together. You’ll have to choose between large pieces of furniture and create an inventory of everything you two own to make it easier to decide. It can also help you pick which items to replace or upgrade.

Storing wedding gifts 

On top of merging your belongings with your spouse, you’ll also have to sort through many wedding gifts. You can end up with two sets of kitchen knives or three sets of wine glasses. Though you may get sentimental over these items, you don’t have space to keep all of them in your home. 

Luckily, you can store cherished wedding gifts in a self-storage facility until you need to use them again. You can also choose secure facilities with 24/7 surveillance to keep valuable presents from theft. This extra protection is especially beneficial if you live in areas like Fort Myers, which has a crime rate 76% higher than other Florida cities. Suppose your parents gifted you an expensive china set you are uncomfortable opening in your current neighborhood but want to use in the future. In that case, you can keep it in a self-storage unit until you move to a new home.  

Preparation for a bigger home 

You won’t stay as newlyweds in a one-bedroom apartment forever. Eventually, you will consider moving into a bigger home or upsizing your living conditions to prepare for potential kids. Though the average U.S. couple waits around three years after marrying to have a baby, it is best to prepare as soon as possible if that’s something you and your partner plan for yourselves. 

Renting a self-storage unit helps you prepare for your future home by giving you space to upgrade your household items and store old furniture you may need to sell or donate. It keeps you from compromising on purchasing new items by allowing you to store them until you move into a bigger home.

Keeping sentimental belongings 

You and your partner may have items you are unwilling to part with but don’t have the space to store them in your newlywed home. These items may be your old high school yearbook, photo albums, or your mother’s old prom dress that holds precious memories for you. Getting rid of these items isn’t easy either, as studies suggest that parting with possessions you cherish can cause grief and strain your relationships. 

However, finding space for sentimental items can be challenging when you and your partner already have so much to sort through. You can’t throw away or sell these items, but you can keep them safe in a self-storage unit and visit them whenever you feel like reminiscing.


You don’t just marry your spouse but also their lifestyle and baggage, literally and figuratively. As newlyweds, you must remember to compromise and be accepting of each other as you navigate your new life. 

Try to view this change as growth rather than an inconvenience. Material belongings come and go, but you cannot replace your relationship with your spouse. It would be best not to let the stress of storing items get to you. Instead, consider renting a self-storage to focus on what really matters by spending quality time with your partner.