Reasons to Use Employee Monitoring Tools at Workplace

Employee monitoring can be problematic. You have to create equity between your company’s need to monitor employees and their privacy rights. That’s why you need amicable solutions that work for your company’s basic requirements. An employee tracking app has all the features that you need to monitor an employee.

Employee Monitoring:

Employee monitoring is a sort of workplace monitoring that refers to techniques that an employer uses to monitor the activities of an employee. For example, it could be employees’ computer activities, network usage, location, emails, time spent on different projects, etc.

Tools for Employee Monitoring:

Tools that are used for employee monitoring include CCTV cameras, Remote employee monitoring software and apps, GPS location tracking gadgets, and biometric technology to preserve track of employee pursuit. The primary induction following employee monitoring is to enhance productivity and keep their staff focused in the workplace. It is allowed for a firm to control and trace its employees. However, the firm must meet these requirements; 

1) It must inform its workers and obtain their consent to be examined.

2) Employee monitoring could only be done on company-owned devices.

3) Only corporation associated data can be observed by companies. Republic laws forbid companies from shadowing employees without their permission and inspecting their personal information.

Reasons Why to Use Employee Monitoring?

Remote employee monitoring software has become the discussion of the townspeople at the corporate level. As a consequence, companies have started monitoring their employees by using technology. However, today, we have many tools for employee monitoring to boost teams’ scrutiny.

All organizations depend on their ’employees’. The business out there is full of competitors. Each company desires more and more advancement. To promote professional success, companies serve to enhance the productivity of their employees through employee monitoring tools. Companies practice employee tracking app to privilege employers and employees alike.

There are various purposes for an employee to defraud a company. For example, a person can provide secret information about a business in the transaction for money.

So, why exercise a risk?

We are going to discuss some key reasons why companies monitor employees in the workplace.

Technology has undoubtedly expedited our courses, even at the corporate level. Employee monitoring software allows managers to keep a keen eye on the actions of the Team remotely. To raise productivity, business proprietors should observe and trace the production of their employees. Staff monitoring makes employees more responsible because when workers comprehend that their digital movements are being pursued, they would become more careful and work well by withdrawing useless actions.

  • Smooth Navigation:

We all have some uncertainties. However, when it comes to business, it is essential to stay alert under all conditions. The live GPS location tracker helps you in navigating the locations of your employees.

  • Intensify Productivity:

The Team will be more dedicated when they get to know that their potency is being measured fully. And you can find which employee is a risk or pretty productive.

  • Reduce Time Wastage:

Being diverted during a workday is expected. Nevertheless, the difficulty prevails in paying your workers for wasted time. In addition, all that wasted time drains away from your firm’s productivity; employee monitoring assists in diminishing time wastage. 

  • Transparency: 

Mostly you won’t understand: When do your employees begin their job? If they’re working or misusing their time on social media? And How long they spend time on projects and other tools, including Dropbox, Slack, or Drive. Employee monitoring aids you to find accurate measurements regarding employees’ productivity.

  • Better Insights Into Employee Performance:

Employees’ performances can easily be measured by utilising employee monitoring means. Employee monitoring grants better access into the Employees performance; their daily reports and time spent on a single project are easy to sight.

  • No More Manual Supervision:

Do you also think that manual monitoring is tiresome? It has many cons to deal with. However, online employee monitoring tools help measure the performance of an employee. And you can have better insights into employee productivity.

  • A Better Perception of Workforce:

When are your remote workers most productive? Are workers making use of the new project plans you implemented? If not, do they require more exercise? And a lot more. Further, Team working would be naive to handle through employee monitoring. In addition, you would have a sufficient understanding of working tools & how to cope with your team leads. 

  •  Prevention of Data Loss:

Companies that accumulate, process, or collect delicate information are accountable for its protection. Employee monitoring software is frequently used in healthcare, banking, and defence to ensure data security. 

  • Improve Working Conditions:

Internet exploitation in the workplace exhibits a considerable risk if neglected. Employees who visit malicious, pornographic, or corrupt websites at work constitute a hostile work atmosphere for their colleagues.

  • Track Everything:

Employee monitoring assists you notice everything your Team does on company-owned tools. For example, you can track GPS locations, see their mobile and desktop actions efficiently by utilising monitoring software for marketing. 

  •  Identify Hacking:

Websites perform a vital role in businesses. For example, companies with physical locations go to diverse lengths to preserve their buildings and contents. The same should apply to websites, particularly in this epoch of hackers. In addition, employee monitoring can efficiently identify if your website is being hacked or someone attempted to hack it.

Though it can be done, there are some drawbacks affiliated with employee monitoring:

Three Drawbacks of Employee Monitoring:

  1. Employee Morale would be affected.
  2. Employee Privacy can be challenged.
  3. Employee Monitoring would be used fairly.

How to Select an Employee Monitoring App?

What if you couldn’t discover the most useful application for employee monitoring? Don’t grieve; we have an option for you. Continue reading.

Using employee-friendly monitoring software is the most reliable way to monitor worker actions.  These tools make employee tracking easier, the time spent on assignments can be measured to examine each employee’s potency

 While choosing employee monitoring software, three things you must consider:

  • Recognise the goals and objectives of your company.
  • Consider the features you demand in your profession.
  • Research the best option fitting your requirements.

If you are looking for an all in one application to observe and manage your employees, TheWiSpy would be an excellent option:

TheWiSpy – Safest Monitoring App:

It is simple to install, use and it helps employees improve their performance. Its pricing would surely match your budget. Some compelling employee monitoring app features of TheWiSpy are:

    • Call Recording
    • SMS & Email Tracking
  • Live GPS Location Tracker
  • Remote Access to Work Devices
  • Surround Recording
  • Social Media Tracker


 It offers three packages for Android monitoring:

  1. Basic: $8.33 per month
  2. Premium: $13.33 per month
  3. Platinum: $19.99 per month


Every monitoring app is not compatible with all smartphones, but TheWiSpy is adaptable with Android phones operating on Android 4.0. 

Through TheWiSpy, you can remotely manage all the work means. Moreover, companies can efficiently produce highly productive employees with the fantastic feature of the live GPS location tracker. 

So, would you prefer to give it a try?

The Final Words:

For digital security or to enhance a firm’s productivity, employers are urged to monitor Apps and software, which help them monitor the online space and control their employees’ online activities. Using an employee monitoring software like TheWiSpy is the fittest option for the corporate sector, as it monitors remote employees in the office.