Garage Door

A garage door is undoubtedly a very important asset in any residential or commercial property. Besides enhancing security, the garage door also makes it easy for you to access the property. Besides, a beautiful garage door will make your home or commercial area more appealing.

Considering these benefits, it is important that you always have a well functional door and have it repaired whenever necessary.

Talking about repairs, when are they necessary? Well, you can use garage door repair San Diego due to various reasons including:

#1. Door’s opening or closing issues

At some point, you might see that your garage door opens slightly and then closes immediately by itself. This problem mostly occurs when the springs are located at the top of the door are worn out or broken and so, they need to be replaced. Although you might opt to replace only the faulty or broken springs, replacing all of them at the same time is more cost-efficient.

Also, if your door closes and then opens immediately, you need to get it repaired. The problem could be as a result of misalignment of the photo-eye of the door.  In case you don’t know what garage door’s photo-eyes are, they are tiny plastics on both sides of the door and they act as a safety measure. In case your door has such issue, your technician will adjust the photo-eyes to ensure that they are well aligned.

Also, a garage door might open correctly but fail to close all the way, and this is a problem that necessitates repair as well. Solution to this could be close-limit switch adjustment, safety sensor adjustment or alignment or roller replacement/lubrication. Other garage door’s opening and closing issues that need the attention of a repairman include failure of the door to open or close at all and unceasingly running door.

#2. Too much whirring or noise

An excessive or abnormally noisy garage door is not only ear-irritating but also raises an alarm that all is not well. Some people tend to ignore the noise, only to end up incurring insanely high repair costs after the issue escalates and causes more serious problems. Although the whirring or noise could be as a result of insufficient lubrication, constant wear and tear of some door parts might also be responsible. To establish the exact cause and get the problem sorted out, you can consider hiring a reputable garage door technician. However, you can do repairs on your own if you have the necessary expertise.

#3. If the door is off the tracks

If your garage door operates on a track system, it should always function within the tracks situated on both of its sides. In case it comes off the tracks, then definitely there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. It could be that the door is not properly maintained or is damaged. An experienced technician can help you to establish the cause and determine if it can be brought back to its normal operation within the tracks.

Don’t let any of the above issues go unresolved if you want to get the desired value from your garage door, whether you are in San Diego or anywhere else. Preferably, let a reputable garage door technician handle them.