Reasons For People In Choosing Wine

Are you a classy type of person? Or a meticulous one? Or even party goer? Whatever kind of personality you have, you cannot omit socialization because it is part of human being. With this simple sense, there are higher chances of making people in drinking alcoholic beverages.

Whenever occasions are happening, especially house parties, homeowners tend to buy wines rather than beers as a social drink for their guests. Why do such things happen? Do not get confused with the reasons why people drink wine because the benefits it offers had convinced many people to indulge in drinking wines rather than beers.

Aside from house parties, there are various reasons for people on consuming wine. It may be related to factors such as emotional, religious, physical or psychological, and social. But, whichever of these is your primary reason, mostly; some reasons pushed people to choose wine as their beverage.

The following are included as the general reason but not limited to:

  1. Wine quench thirst:  it is an alternative for water.
  2. Wine improves one’s appetite when drink before a meal.
  3. Wine enhances and complement the flavor of food when drinking during meal time.
  4. Wine serves memorable experiences in social gatherings.
  5. Wine helps people to unwind and produce a state of euphoria.

For a broader impact, the following are the specific set of reasons for people choosing wine.  But before elaborating these, take note of the considered safe and valid measurement of drinking wine:

  •    It is suitable for men to drink 300 ml or one glass of red or white wine per day
  •    It is ideal for women to drink 150 ml or one glass of red or white wine per day.

Having a healthy heart

In a glass of red wine, it was found out that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease drastically.  It is because of the anti-oxidants like procyanidin. But still, there are guidelines to follow upon drinking it: a person should drink a moderate amount of wine regularly particularly with a stomach that contains food already.  If the drinker followed this procedure, there is a 30% reduction of risks in heart diseases.

It was proven in an Israelite study that a glass of wine at night can help in preventing such things as cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes and enables you to live longer.  The procyanidin works as an anti-oxidant, and it blocks nitrosamines from forming. Beneficially, it also protects healthy cells from mutagenic effects. As for totality, it can serve as vitamin C for the body too.

Reducing the risks of various cancer

In a wine too, there are phenolic compounds which could be found.  The mixture will prevent the initiation, progression or even growth of cancer cells within the human body.  Thus, this is clinically proven already. It was known to medical practitioners that phenolic compounds had been associated with a biochemical and pharmacological property that makes it helpful in the human body.  When used moderately, these are the reduced risks of any cancer:

  •    Prostate Cancer – 50%
  •    Lung Cancer – 13%
  •    Colon Cancer – 45%
  •    And risk-reducing effects of breast cancer instances.

Helps people to lose weight

It was found out also after experimentation that people drinking wine daily with its moderation have lower body mass rather than those people who drink on occasion only.  It was observed that wine drinkers have waists which are narrower and slimmer with the less abdominal fat rather than those people who drink liquor

Yes! It is because it encourages your body to burn extra calories just within around 90 minutes after taking it. Aside from that, drinking red wine helps women to lose weight and reduce the risks of being obese with 70%.

Feeds mind’s brain cells

Once you drink wine, it can preserve memory, and it does not necessarily, in any form, kill your brain cells.  It was already proven in some researches who have done experimentation in memory retention that the respondents who drank one glass of wine every day have higher memory retention. But those people who drank less or not at all does not have improvements at all.  Aside from this, it can slow down the degenerative neurological disorders. Well then, if this is the result, it can be implied that it may also reduce the risk of developing certain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

It was already recommended also by doctors that drinking moderately of wine can help a person to become relax and relieve stress. Stress, in particular, is crucial to achieving a healthy mind and body, so better not be stressed.


Ideally, people choose the wine because of the health benefits it offers towards its drinkers especially Chateau Mouton Rothschild. It is already spread by health practitioners that the amount of wine that a person drink must be taken moderate, responsibly, and with accountability.  Once you are starting and making it as a habit to be drinking more than what is medically recommended, the health benefits that could be given by wines could be lost, and thus, it gives you higher risks to your health.