Since interest in soccer has been growing, countless teams continue their search for new agile and young soccer players to fill in the position as the next soccer superstars.

Becoming a successful soccer player means plenty of hours of practice to perfect the skills. Ideally, a good soccer player must be fit, have a good set of skills, a good attitude and most importantly – stamina.

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Professional soccer players spend their whole career on building stamina through training and endurance tests. In a soccer game lasting around 90 minutes, they should be able to run at a fast speed for 50 minutes or more.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen a lot of young Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar in the field.

List of best youngest players

1. Thiago Almada

Thiago Almada

Born on April 26, 2001; that makes Almada 17 years old at present. His career is starting to bloom as he has recently signed a two-year contract with Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield.

Playing in the position of the attacking midfielder, Almada spreads the reputation for his fast pace, acceleration, and ball control skills.

What makes Almada stand out from other young players is the way he handles himself under pressure situations. Being only 17 but already handling the ball with such skills at a professional level, he’s considered to be a mighty citadel to his competitors.

2. Nicolas Raskin

Nicolas Raskin

Raskin only stepped to his 18. He got recruited by Belgium’s teams, playing as the defensive and central midfielder.

Nicolas Raskin’s best skills include passing, technique, and teamwork.

He plays at a very controlled pace and has excellent vision in reading the game.

With such talent, we will surely be seeing him a lot in the upcoming years on the soccer field.

3. Noah Katterbach

Noah Katterbach

At the age of 17, Katterbach has achieved the ultimate goal of signing a contract with Germany’s U18 team until 2020. His role in the team is playing at left-back and left midfield. The position means he plays wide on the field, dribbles the ball forward and passes to his teammates to score. With his talent in dribbling, curving and long passes, he makes a tough player to cross.

4. Nabil Touaizi

Nabil Touaizi

Touaizi got recognized by Manchester City as their new young secret weapon. He was initially signed in 2015 as he broke the record of goals in the under 20 tournaments.


His position in the team is center-forward. The responsibility of this position is to go up near the opponent’s net and score. He is famous for his double hat-trick.

5. Julian Von Moos

Julian Von Moos

The talented young Switzerland soccer prodigy, Van Moos, has caught the attention of FC Basel as they proceeded to recruit him for the U19 team. His contract will last until 2021.

Van Moos is left-footed. He plays in the left-wing position. His best skills include his stamina, agility, and balance. Although he hasn’t played in any professional matches, we are about to see Van Moos on the field very soon in the upcoming soccer games.

6. Lee Kang-In

Lee Kang In

Kang-In has been a rising South Korean soccer celebrity since he made a big impression in Spain. When playing in La Liga, he inspired the public with his free-kick.

Currently playing for Valencia CF, he’s expected to meet with South Korea’s international U20 soccer team.

He has a contract until 2022. His position is attacking midfielders. Kang In is recognized for his talent in the sport pretty early. Becoming famous at 18, he is, no doubt, one of the best young soccer players in the world.

7. Erling Braut Haaland

Earling Haaland

Born in 2000, Haaland impressed everyone with his 16 goals in the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer match at Molde.

It opened the doors of opportunity and gave him a position in the professional soccer leagues. Currently, Haaland features in Norway’s under 21 teams as a striker.

Haaland is able to score in penalty series. Thanks to his sprinting speed, strength, and aggression towards the opposing team, he has all the potential to become a world-class player.

8. Pietro Pellegri

Pietro Pellegri

Pellegri from Italy joined the national team at the position of the center forward. The player is only 17 at the moment. His contract deal is expected to last until June 2022.

He is running machine with agility and stamina. That earned him a position in the Italian’s National U19 as a striker. Pellegri is predicted to play in the next FIFA, which isn’t far away.

9. Luca Unbehaun

Luca Unbehaun

Unbehaun is a young German soccer player, considered to be one of the best young talented players in the world.

Unbehaun just reached his 18 in February and has a 3-year contract. He participated in Germany’s national soccer team as a goalkeeper. Defending the goal, he possesses skills such as quick reactions and performing well under pressure.

10. Curtis Jones

Curtis Jones

Jones made his professional debut in February 2018 as the midfielder for the English team.

He got assigned for this position because of his fantastic dribbling skills and ability to keep the ball.

During the pre-season tour, his performance excelled on the field. He first started playing in the England U16 team in 2016 before getting recruited professionally.

11. Timothy Weah

Timothy Weah

Weah has been a star in the French club since 2017, the same one his father played in the 90s.

Though signing the contract in 2017, Weah made his first debut in 2018 when he scored his first goal in the Trophee des Champions against Monaco’s team.

Interestingly, he is the son of George Weah. That’s how he’s bound to be as talented as his dad. Currently, at 19, he represents the United States.

12. Reiss Nelson

Reiss Nelson

This fantastic English footballer initiated his career scoring after only 14 minutes into a game.

It not only wow-ed everyone but also led him to his contract with the English national youth team.

Nelson is one of the youngest players at under 19. He has played in multiple tournaments such as U17,  U19 and U21 championships.

13. Luka Jovic

Luka Jovic

At the age of 21, Jovic destroyed the last season with 17 goals, impressing many recruiting teams and executing his position as a skilled striker. He got accepted to the German national team. His first debuted was in March 2018.

Jovic impressed the crowd with his goal in the FC Schalke 04 in April 2018.

One of Jovic’s best moments is his hat trick scoring against Serbia in a U17 championship tournament.

14. Diogo Dalot

Diogo Dalot

Portugal’s famous right-back player has marked Dalot in history as one of the youngest soccer players in the world.

Although just passed his 19 not long ago, he has been offered a position in the Portuguese national team with a contract from 2018 to 2023.

He covers the full-back position in the Manchester United U17 club. At the moment, he is tacking on the same position in the U20 championship.

15. Mason Greenwood

Mason Greenwood

Greenwood plays center forward for the English U18 team. He signed with the Manchester United Club at a very young age.

Greenwood can run fast. His ability to tackle and dribble the ball is unbelievable. With these skills, he plays in the forward position. His first game was the U18 game against the Netherlands where he scored one goal.

Who is your favorite player?

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