Quitting Smoking Transforms Your Mindset

Smoking is more than a habit for most people, even though some of them don’t even see it on their own. Smoking is a lifestyle, with everything that goes with it when you travel, buy a car, or even book a hotel room for a holiday. Simply put, smoking makes your mind work according to your addiction, making everything else secondary and less important.

Quitting is not easy

Giving up the habit of smoking cigarettes takes more than any smoker could even imagine before making this decision. It’s often difficult to quit smoking on your own so you look for a support group, books, basically anything that would make the transition from smoker to ex-smoker smooth and definitive. It’s important to have someone or something to assist you in order to successfully quit smoking. A lot of smokers who try to take this challenge on their own bounce back or just can’t lose the addiction forever. Smokers often notice the small things that used to trigger the need for a smoke like coffee time, after lunch smoke, cigarette after sex, drinking alcohol, etc. In the beginning, it’s important to fight off these “demons” because once you break the circle and give in to temptation, all the hard work you invested in quitting is going to fall into ruins.

Motivation is of paramount importance for anyone who wishes to stop smoking cigarettes. Most people find motivation in health issues. Health problems are the most visible and most talked about, so people most often decide to quit simply in order to improve their physical health. There are those who instead of quitting cigarettes, simply switch to VapingDaily vaping kits. The reasoning behind this kind of decision is pretty simple and has its logic. Electronic cigarettes don’t include combusting tobacco, paper, and all the additives that cause negative health effects. This way those that enjoy their favorite flavor don’t have to care about damaging their lungs. This doesn’t mean that the addiction is gone, however, but it greatly reduces health concerns. In that respect, for those that simply want to turn to a healthier alternative, thinking about getting a vape pen starter kit is probably a good idea. Others that are more decisive and eager to put a full stop to smoking, it’s good to have a front seat view to how quitting smoking transforms the way you think.

What science has to say

Professor of health psychology at the University Colledge London and lead researcher, Doctor Robert West, reported that ex-smokers have the similar level of anxiety as nonsmokers and notably less than active smokers. Doctor West claims that although most smokers believe that cigarettes reduce anxiety and stress level, the truth is actually the opposite.

Doctor Mike Knapton said for a UK newspaper: “There is a belief from many smokers that smoking reduces anxiety and stress, which is, in turn, causing many smokers to put off quitting. Yet, instead of aiding people to relax, smoking increases anxiety and tension. When smokers light up, the feeling of reduced stress or relaxation is temporary and is soon replaced by withdrawal symptoms and cravings. While smoking temporarily reduces these cravings and feelings of withdrawal – which are similar to feeling anxious or stressed – it does not reduce or treat the underlying causes of stress.”

In a research published in 2014, a group of British scientists tried to unveil changes in the mental health of people that once smoked. The research included both clinical patients and regular people that broke the habit. The results were astonishing and showed that quitting smoking results in improved mental health in more ways than one could expect. The research reports positive mood changes, reduced depression, anxiety, and stress even comparing to medicine. The conclusion of this research stated that the results were equal or even better than those of antidepressant treatment of anxiety and mood disorders.

Improved focus

Nicotine reduces the amount of oxygen that goes to our brain through blood. As a consequence, our ability to focus becomes lesser and we find it more difficult to deal with complexed tasks that require our full attention. Therefore, it’s easy to understand how quitting smoking improves concentration. Carbon-monoxide is another harmful substance that enters our blood through cigarettes. It also reduces our ability to concentrate, but it also increases fatigue, which can result in a poor mood.

Free your mind

Ultimately, your mind is free of all the issues that you had to face as a smoker. No more troubles when you have to book a hotel or go to a restaurant. You can stop shaping your activities based on your smoking habit, which provides you with a peace of mind that you probably forgot you once had. The same freedom could also be experienced if you decide to switch teams and trade smoking for vaping. Simply equip yourself with a vape starter kit and you will be able to enjoy your favorite flavor. Vaporizers are allowed in most places where smoking is prohibited. The reason for this lies in the fact that vape doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell, can’t hurt other people and doesn’t stay in the room.


Smoking usually starts as a fun and rebellious activity, makes us feel older, cooler, etc. As the time goes by, it starts to take a toll on our lives. It makes life more expensive, our social life suffers, and the health issues begin to multiply. As we decide to quit smoking, both our body and mind begins to feel changes. Sometimes it’s difficult to cope with these changes and we bounce back, but with just a little persistence it’s possible to overcome these difficulties and start a new life.

About the Author

Thanush Poulsen is a Danish blogger who stands for a healthy lifestyle. Having obtained a Bachelor Degree at Danish School of Media and Journalism and a Master Degree at Aarhus Universitet, he is focused on promotion and popularization of a healthy lifestyle and its positive effects on various fields of a person’s life.