How Mobiles App Trends Transform Lives

People never had even the wildest imagination of smartphones becoming everything some 20 years before. Nowadays, the world has become obsessed with technology and seeks no companion other than a digital friend. Mobile phones have made everything come on to the fingertips.

The coming up of versatile applications has skyrocketed the usage of smartphones.  Be it food or medicine; the smartphone does the work for you.

The future looks even more promising, with developers getting into an arsenal to join in the hunt for innovative technological advancements in smartphones. More mobile apps are yet to hit the board by the end of this year.

What to expect from mobile app trends?

Mobile apps have been advantageous in offering great functionalities, which has strengthened the overall digital occupation of people worldwide. The so-called booming of trends in mobile technology had made it easy to gravitate the mass and class towards it due to the competitive advantages the apps offer. The apps have fundamentally reshaped every business model of today, generating significant revenue and offering immense service to people of all sectors. The market revenue of mobile apps is expected to cross 700 million by the end of 2021.

Integration of AI and MI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have given a newer dimension to mobile technology. See how virtual assistants like Siri have personally assisted humans in every possible way, one of the best examples of artificial intelligence. Every day we see people trying face transitions in apps like  Prisma, faceApp that is no less than an AI-backed photo filtering app. Google voice, lens and chatbots have made our tasks simple by fetching whatever we want.

The integration of AI and machine learning has even assisted people in fixing real-time problems of apps. Understanding the user behaviour platforms is how MI comes up with buying options when looking for daily commodities.

5G technology

The booming of 5G connections has hit the world to set things to happen at 2x speed.  With the prompt response, technology has benefited many sectors: finance, live streaming, business, or online games. We even posted here at some positive aspects of using smartphones in a variety of industries. 5G has had a tremendous impact on mobile and technology, creating a robust fan base for every virtual platform. The 5G network has granted more ease of integrating esports and casinos, parallelly aiding people cast wagers easily to earn revenue through online betting. The rise in the number of people coming in for online games has caused an increased traffic in sites like, betway, bet365 etc. The sites have also started offering real-time wagering for enthusiasts who like to set wages on online events. With more apps coming in, people have access to free bet offers, making online enthusiasts earn handsome pay without a single investment. 

Beacon technology

Beacon technology, with its immense potential, has conquered the market landscape. It uses blue tooth low energy signals to cater for the daily requirement of the user. Say, if you plan to look for a hotel for one night stay. As soon as you enter a beacon zone, the app will fetch you the details that fit your requirement. The options will come up from stores that are linked with the beacon. Ever since its introduction, beacons have stayed to be an integral part of iOS development. With Eddy stone, android also joined in the venture of beacon-based services.

World of Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR have been in the spotlight with the popularity of the video games arena. They are all set to influence people’s daily lives by 2021. The AR-based apps have headed towards a fully functional system to assist tourism, healthcare, and security. Some of the best AR and VR revolution examples are the AR core and AR kit of android and iOS. The virtual spaces augmenting the technologies have also allowed personal interactions in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Augmented reality gets successfully deployed in Instagram filters as well. With features like magic leap and HoloLens, people can experience the even more immersing power of technology. Augmented reality is all set to capture fields of live surgeries, adventures and a lot more shortly.


Mobile phones and the ever-increasing advancement in apps are for a benefit unless used for the betterment of humanity. The concept of technology has come to assist humans in their day-to-day life activities. It is with the people to utilize it well and lead a healthy life without getting over-involved in the advancement and fall in for a virtual world detached from reality. The science of innovation has taught us where the borderline is. Educating people to utilize the technology will alleviate such emerging concerns in humankind.