5 Proven Ways to Make Your Sports Blog Get Real Attention

Attracting attention from your audience is possibly one of the most challenging things that you’ll have to do in the online marketing field. It does not matter how mind-baffling your ideas can be if you’ve not ensured that your prospective readers have turned their attention to your direction.

The first rule of being successful in your blogs, and particularly those that have sports content, is arresting your readers’ attention. This is because there is a myriad of sports blogs out there and this could be a great hindrance towards making your blog getting the reading traffic you so desire. In relation to this, for you to make a person a reader, you must have given them no option but to read the content in your blog.

It is good to note that it is impossible for readers to pay their attention to every single detail. The human brain works by focusing on just specific shreds of information in order for it to understand the content being presented to it. Likewise, when writing a sports blog, you should ensure that you have relevant information which will be specifically that which most of your readers will find hard to pass by. If this is put into action in the appropriate manner, then you’ll have definitely captured the attention of most of your sports blog readers.

This article takes a dive into some of the best ways by which you can use to call the attention of readers to your sports blog:

Help Your Readers See What You See

When creating content for your sports blog, you should avoid one of the biggest mistakes that most writers make when undertaking their writing process. This is focusing only on themselves and their perspective about that particular sport that they are relaying information about. This is essentially not wrong, but the problem comes in when they do not focus on ensuring that they prompt their readers to see things in the manner that they do.

You should try your level best not to fall into this trap because readers will never pay attention or “hear” you until they have perceived your point of view. So how do you successfully accomplish this? The answer is quite simple – make sure that your point of view is crystal clear. This can be easily done by use of stories, personal experiences, vivid descriptions and case histories among many others to bring out your sports articles through your perspective and you will have earned the attention of many.

Make Your Blog Personal

There is a tendency of readers paying more attention to content that has been made to look important than that which doesn’t have such an aura. One of the proven ways that you can make this a reality is through making your writing to come off as personal. Most readers who prefer sports blogs get attracted to the blogs that slip and cling into their awareness.

Sports blogs that have perceptual, personal but meaningful information are the best in bringing clarity about their sports information and thus, grabbing a great share of the readers’ attention. A good example of the relevance of such a scenario is in the little explaining that you’ll be required to give a person about his or her hair burning. This is because you will have captured all their attention by bringing up a topic that’s immensely personal to them.

Lace Your Sports Blog with Emotion

There is a higher chance of readers falling in love with blogs and messages that are full of life rather than dull and battered ones. The best way that your sports blog can be rendered alive and interesting is through bringing clarity by adding emotion in your posts. Take a look, for example, at the home page of OddsDigger; isn’t it just full of life and relatable to the target audience?

In addition to clarity, emotion also brings with it a hoard of other bonuses. With emotion at work, your sports content will appear even more personal thus giving different positive emotions towards your content. Talking about sports in itself is exciting, but with emotion on the table, you will have caused an elevation in the triggering of their brain circuits thus influencing their decisions and behavior to pay more attention to the content responsible for all these reactions.

Promote Your Sports Content Externally

It is important to note that it is one thing to write top-notch quality sports blogs and another to make it known to your target audience. All the efforts that you might have put into working to create an outstanding sports blog can be laid to waste in the event that you lack the required tools to make your content public.

You can create awareness about your sports blog by using site tools and widgets to ensure that you’ve called the attention of readers to your blog. Find the tools that will better suit your budget and goals when it comes to promoting the content in your blog on an off-site basis. You should also not forget to incorporate the use of social media to get the attention of a broader spectrum of readers to your sports blog.

Always Optimize Your Sports Blog

One thing we do not shy away from saying is that making good use of analytics could be the difference maker between success and failure. You should take advantage of various analytic devices and sites to monitor the clicking and share patterns in your blog. This will tell you which aspects in your various sports content that you should change to attract more attention from your readers.

You can also view some of the popular sports topics and layouts that have attracted loads of attention hence their popularity. This will give you a lesson on some of the areas that you should continue pursuing and how to even further make them more breathtaking. All the simple enhancements that you will make as a result of proper optimization of your sports content are the propellers that will bring more attention to your sports blog.


Sports content writers and publishers normally have similar goals when it comes to the objectives of their blogs. This is getting more traffic in them by attracting visitors who in turn become loyal followers of their blogs. The first place that any blogger should start is in owning the attention of all their readers hence making them loyal subscribers to their blogs.

This article has fleshed out five of the most powerful ways in which a sports blog can acquire more attention from its readers. Share with us your experiences putting them to use.