Proficiency of Dr. Ravindra Nanda

Dr. Ravindra Nanda is a well-known face in the field of Orthodontics. He has been serving the industry for last 40 years. Being inspired by his father, who was a physician in India, he decided to follow the footsteps of his family and pursue the career of an Orthodontist.


Being inspired from his brothers, who were also Orthodontists in India at that time, Ravindra Nanda joined King George Medical College, Lucknow and began his journey under their guidance.

He attained his master’s degree under his elder brother, who was the Head of the Department of that college. His thesis was focused on the use of Cephalometric Roentgenology, the study of growth and development, and in clinical practice of Orthodontists. This fetched him the scholarship research grant by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

After completing his post-graduation in Orthodontist, he decided to pursue the doctorate and completed his Ph.D. in philosophy in the year 1969 from Katholieke Universiteit, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Dr. Nanda served for 2 years as an assistant professor at Loyola UniversityMaywood, IL. Later, he moved to the University of Connecticut and was appointed as the professor in Orthodontists in the year 1979.

Professional Traits

Dr. Nanda is a keen researcher who likes to share his knowledge and thoughts with his fellow mates and others, who are aspiring to become the specialists in the field. In his extensive teaching years, he has researched and covered countless topics for the betterment of his students. These include the biology of tooth mobility, adolescent and adult orthodontics, craniofacial orthopedics, biomechanics and developing efficient mechanics to deliver orthodontic care.

As an educator, he believes in adopting every possible and effective way to further enhance his professional development because of the vision to help every student learn and grow in the field of Orthodontics. He headed the Department of Craniofacial Sciences and taught the students of the university about Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.


He has always shown more interest in Oral Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery, Cephalometry, Facial Anomalies, Craniofacial Development, and Craniofacial Abnormalities. He has edited and reviewed hundreds of journals, and his current journal is “Progress in Orthodontics” which is owned by Italian Society of Orthodontics.

This journal promotes orthodontic research, the mechanics to improve orthodontics, research and development of clinical techniques, mechanism to speed orthodontic treatment, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) control clinical trials, and so on.


Dr. Ravindra Nanda is a renowned name in the field of Orthodontics, and he has offered 40 years of his life to assist a myriad of people who want to learn and pursue the career in Orthodontics. With his immense knowledge, he is appointed as the member of various societies and also received various nominations and awards for his speakings and learnings.

Realizing the expertise of Dr. Nanda, a number of universities invited him to deliver lectures and attend seminars that focus on the acceleration of orthodontic treatment, managing complex patients with TAD’s and surgery first, class 2 treatment, and many more.

He has also attended various conferences, discussing his opinions on Temporomandibular joint diseases & orthodontics, advances in contemporary Orthodontics, etc.


Sharing is caring, and this is what keeps him motivated to continue his path of spreading the knowledge all around, especially to students. In his career, he also got a chance to publish books, editorials, and journals for the aspirants.

Considered as the master of his field and with his clinical interests and knowledge, he has researched various topics that are related to Orthodontists. In addition, he is also an Editor-in-Chief who has edited a vivid range of monographs and journals like management of complex orthodontic problems, adult orthodontics, the symposium in orthodontics, etc.

Few of his books that introduced a great change in the field of orthodontics are:

  • Retention and Stability in Orthodontics

  • Biomechanics in Clinical Orthodontics

  • Temporary Anchorage Devices in Orthodontics

  • Current Therapy in Orthodontics

  • Atlas of Complex Orthodontics

Achieving his dream, now he heads the department of Dental Sciences and also serves as the Chair of the Division of Orthodontics at the University of Connecticut. Apart from his success, he has also attained the Life Time Achievement Award from the University of Connecticut Foundation.