Anal Fistula Treatment

Anus is the external opening of human body and feces are passed through the anus. There are multiple small glands available within the anus and when one of these glands get blocked infected cavity called abscess are created. Anal Fistulas is the condition which results from this anal abscess and it is treated mainly with surgical drainage, of which some glands drain spontaneously and need no treatment. Since very few fistulas heal on its own, surgery is the best option to treat it. There are several surgical procedures to treat the condition and the best amongst them for your specific condition depends on the position of anal fistula. Surgical treatment is also decided based on whether it is branches off in diverse directions or a single channel. Doctors may conduct initial test of the area that helps them to find the suitable treatment. All the treatment options available for your condition will be discussed with you prior to administering.

The Pristyn Care’s Approach Towards Anal Fistula Treatment in Gurgaon aims towards healing the anal fistula without causing any damage to sphincter muscles. Some of the treatment procedures that are carried out at Pristyn Care are mentioned below.


Fistulotomy is the effective and commonly prescribed surgical procedure for anal fistula. The surgical procedure involves making incisions along the lining of your fistula in a bid to open the fistula so that it can heal and turn into flat scar. Fistulotomy is the effective treatment procedure for all types of fistulas, but mainly for the fistula that don’t pass through sphincter muscles. If the process involves cutting small portion of the sphincter muscles, then the surgeon would ensure to make the attempt to minimize the risk of incontinence.

Seton Techniques

In patients where anal fistula passes significantly through major portion of the sphincter muscles, the doctors would suggest inserting seton. Seton is the surgical thread that is inserted and left in fistula for many weeks so as to keep the fistula open. The process is effective in allowing the fistula to drain quickly and heal without having to make cuts in the sphincter muscles. Soft setons are also available which work efficiently to allow fistula to drain, but healing is not faster in that case. So, surgeons usually make use of tighter setons which is effective in cutting through the fistula gradually. However, several sessions are required which will be discussed with you by the doctors earlier.

Advancement Flap Procedure

Surgeons usually prescribe patients to undergo advancement flap procedure when their fistula pass through major portion of sphincter muscles and conducting fistulotomy has greater risk of incontinence. The process involves making incisions and scraping out anal fistula, while covering the hole where the fistula entered the bowel using the flap of tissue. Tissues that are used in the process are taken from the rectum which is the concluding part of bowel. AFP has very low success rate as compared to fistulotomy, but it eliminates the need of making incisions in the anal sphincter muscles.

Bioprosthetic Plug

Surgeons may also suggest you to prefer the surgical tool called bioprosthetic plug, especially when fistulotomy has the higher risk of causing incontinence in patients. Bioprosthetic plug is the cone shaped plug that is made out of animal tissue and it is efficiently used to hinder the inside opening of fistula. This is the treatment approach which is considered to be very effective for anal fistula.

LIFT Procedure

Ligation of Intersphincter Fistula Tract is the surgical procedure for treating anal fistula and it is new treatment launched recently. The treatment procedure is designed to treat anal fistula which passes majorly through the sphincter muscles. The surgical process involves making an incision on the skin just above the fistula and sphincter muscles are carefully separated, thereafter both the ends of fistula are sealed and cut open so that it lies flat. This procedure has promising results, but still it is new and need more research.

These were some of Pristyn Care’s Approach Towards Anal Fistula Treatment in Gurgaon. However, there are also other non-surgical procedures available which may be prescribed depending upon your condition like Fibrin Glue. Surgeons inject the special glue into the fistula and it seals the fistula and promotes healing.