Post-Cycle Therapy

Are you in store for some information on what is post-cycle therapy (abbreviated as PCT) and where to buy PCT products UK? If you are one of those people looking for that sort of information, then this article will definitely help you out with that.

Post-cycle therapy? What is that?

The term post-cycle therapy will definitely be alien if you are not the kind of people wanting to be the most swole of them all. If your daily activity is to lounge around the couch eating your favorite potato chips with a video-game console by the TV, then you will never be able to understand what post-cycle therapy is. You will probably be spending your time killing fictional monsters and bragging your kill count to a deadbeat on the internet. If your preferred method of entertainment is to read books, play board games, and caressing your anime waifu pillow, then you are a nerd of an epic proportion.

However, if you live to be swole and if you find comfort in the sound of clanking gym equipment, then the term post-cycle therapy should not be that much of a stranger to you. In short, post-cycle therapy is one of those therapy sessions that you need to undergo if you have used steroids. You see, when you use steroids, there is a chance that your testes’ performance will be lowered. With bad testes, you cannot produce normal testosterone that way, virtually disabling your sex life and many other things that require the presence of normal testosterone. Steroids abuse can lead to bad balls, after all, and one of the ways to fix that is to do some post-cycle therapies.

In short, post-cycle therapy is like a sort of treatment that you should undertake if you want your body to return to a ‘normal’ condition post-steroid use. There are other ways you can do to bring your testosterone level to a healthy level, but many of them can be too expensive for an ordinary person. A post-cycle therapy is by no means cheap on its own (some of the therapeutic drug for PCT can upright cost you hundreds of US dollars), yet it is definitely cheaper when you compare it to other treatments. Aside from that, admitting that you consumed steroids to other people might not do your reputation any good. If you want to keep your rep intact, better do the PCT on your own.

A post-cycle therapy requires you to buy another set of substances

To conduct a post-cycle therapy, you need therapeutic substances. You can buy cycle therapy UK products in many online stores if you have the time to do so. Some stores are established drug stores while some might not be that legal. Either way, you need to buy cycle therapy products if you want your testes to return back to normal after an extended use of steroids.

You can go buy the products from physical stores and from online stores. Physical stores, however, are more liable to ask for a doctor’s prescription than online stores. If you get your steroids legally, you can easily buy the PCT products at physical stores. If you get your steroids through ‘other’ means, you are better off going online for those PCT products.

A brief search can lead you to many fronts that sell post-cycle therapy products. The prices are different from one store to another, though. One of the cheapest places you can get your PCT product is Steroid Center, a place dedicated to steroids and everything that surrounds it.

How does a post-cycle therapy drug works?

Some PCT products contain Clomiphene citrate (commonly known as Clomid) and tamoxifen (Nolvadex). Both of these products can block oestrogen production and stimulate your body to produce more of that testosterone. The oestrogen needs to be blocked because if it is not blocked, you will start to go more effeminate (if you are a male) and you will experience other problems caused by hormonal imbalance (either males or females will get this). While there is nothing wrong for males to be effeminate, some blokes avoid feminity like a cancer.

Many people are fine with using Nolvadex only to bring their body back to a normal condition, but some people require the use of Nolvadex and Clomid before it can show a visible change. Buying only Nolvadex can save you a whole lot of money, but some people are already too deep in steroids they need to use Clomid as well. They, of course, will be required to buy PCT products UK in a much higher amount.