These days people change jobs more than ever. Being in one company for longer than two years seems like an achievement. Employees understand that they can always find a better workplace with a competitive salary. Most business owners also don’t care whether their employees leave the company or not. Let’s face it, in most cases, employers care about the results, not about the people who work for them.

However, it has been proven that happy employees are more productive, collaborative, and creative; they have better analytical abilities and provide better service in general.

Look at the world’s top companies – they do care about their employees. Nowadays, who doesn’t dream about working in Google, Facebook, or Apple?

Giving some benefits to the employees doesn’t cost as much as employers think. Here are some perks that would change employees attitude and increase their motivation at the workplace:

Flexible schedule

All people are different – some feel most productive in the early morning, others find it difficult to get to the workplace early (the employees with kids, for instance). According to the recent study, 67% of the employees would love to have a flexible schedule. So, it would allow them to eliminate additional stress and work during the hours that fit their energy cycles best. Also, a flexible schedule may enhance the company image as a family-friendly place to work.

Indeed, some employees can’t have flexible schedules, especially those who work in customer service.

However, there are a lot of jobs that people can do from anywhere in the world, especially now when everything is digital. Remote employees can send confidential information by free fax or company email and talk with co-workers on Skype.

Some employers are afraid that a flexible schedule will create chaos in the office. That’s why a lot of managers want everybody to show up at work and leave at the same time.

It raises a question: if the company owners don’t trust their employees to work flexibly, why hire them in the first place, right?

Statistics show that 20 million Americans choose part-time work over full-time jobs. These days, people value flexibility more than ever because they want to maintain a work-life balance. Employers need to understand this. Otherwise, they will be looking for new employees all the time.

Birthday presents

Employers should take an interest in the lives of their staff and make them feel recognized. When people feel valued and loved at the workplace, they tend to work harder in order to pay back to their employers for a good attitude and remain in the company. How can company owners make the employees feel special? They should start celebrating their birthdays! It will help bring colleagues closer and improve their engagement.

If the company owner doesn’t want to spend money on the cake and the presents

(come on, it shouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg), they can at least give a birthday girl/boy a day off as a present.

Office library

Another great thing that the company owners can do is to open an office library. It might encourage employees to learn new things and develop professionally.

Everyone in the office can bring some books from home. Also, employers can buy some books on how to be a leader, how to be more productive, etc.

Four-legged friendly environment 

Most employers don’t allow employees to bring their pets to the workplace. They assume that pets will distract everyone, cause damage to office furniture and equipment.

However, it might be the time to re-think office no-pet policy, especially if no one in the company has a pet allergy. And here is why:

According to a study, pets can relieve stress and promote positive social interactions. Also, they can help to boost a customer’s perception of the company. Allowing employees to bring their pets to work will help them save some money. A lot of people hire pet sitters due to inconvenient working hours.

Gym membership

Happy employees are the ones who work out. Daily physical activity can help people fight off diseases, cope with stress, and be more productive. That’s why employers should purchase gym memberships for the employees.

Office perks

People with full-time jobs don’t always have time to cook at home. Needless to say, they are eating not the healthiest food during the day. Researches agree that nutrition affects mood and productivity. Taking this into account, employers should provide fresh fruit and card meals.

Short Friday 

Wouldn’t it be great to leave the office earlier on Friday? It would motivate employees to be more productive at the end of the week. People can work faster and be more focused; they just need motivation. Short Friday can motivate a lot!

The bottom line 

People are the company’s most valuable resource. That’s why employers should take care of their employees and offer them some perks such as flexible schedules, gym membership, books, and birthday presents. These job benefits can keep employees happy and help the business grow.