How to Organize Your Furniture to Maximize Living Space

A lot of people attribute the lack of living space to their home not being big enough when more often than not, this is not the real cause of the problem. You see, in a situation where your organizational skills are up to the task, you will be able to pull out the best even out of the completely impossible situation. Here are few tips on just how to pull this off in your own home.

Use Folding Furniture

These days a lot of people are living in tiny-houses, which isn’t that much of a surprise when one considers all the benefits they bring. Still, this leaves one in a bit of a space shortage, which can only be solved in one way – with the use of folding furniture. The most common place where this can be seen is in the kitchen, where one may use folding elements in order to create more countertop space. Still, there are some other places where this idea can be as viable. For example, some people have a bed that is built into a wall in order to maximize the space in your bedroom when you are not using it. Others tend to get a folding desk they can just tuck away when they’re not using it. The options are limitless.

Creative Storage Solutions

Another way in which you can help make your home more spacious is by considering your storage options from a different perspective. By utilizing the space under your bed, installing wall holders and racks, as well as utilizing your drawers much better (with the help of dividers) you can really get the most out of your small home’s storage. Still, you don’t have to draw the line here. You could also install some above-head shelves and even build a compartment within your wooden floor. The best part about this last idea is that it will also serve as a great place for you to stash your most precious belongings, thus protecting them from potential burglars better than any safe ever could. In this way, you get much more maneuvering space for your larger furniture items.

Make It Look Larger

Sometimes the greatest problem when it comes to your living space will be in the fact that the room simply appears smaller than it actually is. Even though some may not recognize this as a real problem, just the fact that you have to spend most of your day within a claustrophobic-looking space may have a serious reflection on your health. Luckily, there are more than few ways for you to make your place appear larger and one of them is by getting the right curtain size. You see, a floor-to-ceiling curtain can make your room appear a bit smaller, which is why you may need a specific height. For this, however, it would be best if you were to talk to your local curtains Perth based retailers.

Learn How to Prioritize

While in the introduction, we might have seemed as dismissive towards the actual lack of space in your home, this was not our intention. Is your home smaller than some others? Possibly. Does it have to be overcrowded and space inefficient? Of course not. Still, in order to properly get ahead of the curve, you need to kill all your hoarding habits in their infancy. Although this may sound harsh, when living in a smaller place you don’t have the luxury of too many unnecessary items in your household. With each new item in your possession you need to repeat an old question – do I really need this? If the answer is anything else but the resounding yes, you should find the best way to get rid of it right away.

In Conclusion

As you can see, organizing your furniture properly isn’t at all a difficult task and there are many other tricks you may try to use at one point or another. One of these honorable mentions (which sadly failed to get a spot on this list) is the use of dual-purpose rooms. Nonetheless, by enforcing any (or all) of the four rules that are discussed above you stand a serious chance to make some positive space-wise improvements inside of your home.