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So you’re looking for bmw bike parts. Maybe your ride needs repairs; maybe you’ve just decided it’s time for some upgrades. Now you’re faced with a choice: OEM or aftermarket? It’s true that aftermarket components can be cheaper, and there are a lot of brands out there clamoring to sell you their products. But when it comes to keeping your bike in top shape, OEM offers several advantages.

#1. Quality

Because OEM parts are made by the original manufacturer, you know you’re getting the same craftmanship that went into creating your bike. If you go for aftermarket options, you don’t always know what you’re getting. If high standards are important to you, go with OEM.

#2. Warranty

Most motorcycle oem replacement parts come with a warranty, which can be a godsend if you have trouble down the road. Aftermarket products, on the other hand, generally leave you to fend for yourself. This is one area where the slightly higher price of OEM options may be offset by peace of mind.

#3. Compatibility

One of the biggest benefits of OEM products is compatibility, which means the following:

  • Good fit
  • Works well
  • No unexpected damage

You can trust the company that made your vehicle to make proper replacement parts. With aftermarket options, there’s no guarantee.

#4. Simplicity

What some may consider a weakness for OEM parts can actually be a major strength: limited choice. When you purchase OEM, there’s generally only one option, and that option will work. There’s no need to scroll through online pages or read customer reviews – you’re getting what you paid for, without the hassle of shopping around.

When you’ve got a BMW bike, you want to ensure you’re only choosing the best parts, and opting for OEM products is one of the best ways to do just that. Think of it as an investment in your future cruising.

The Top 5 OEM Parts Your BMW Bike Needs

Whether you’re looking for motorcycle tires for sale or your bike is in need of repair, OEM parts are the way to go, especially if you’re riding a BMW. By choosing OEM, you can be sure you’re getting the quality of your bike’s original manufacturer. If you’re in the market for parts, here are five components where OEM options can best serve you.

  1. Air Filters

Your air filter does more work than you think: it’s responsible for keeping dirt and other debris out of your engine. When your filter gets clogged, it can’t do its job, which means that debris interferes with your engine’s ability to run at full capacity.

  1. Engine Guard

Engine guards are a great safety feature to minimize injury in the event of an accident. That’s why buying from an OEM supplier is so important when shopping for this item – you can be sure the fit is great, the materials are grade-A, and you can rely on it when it matters most.

  1. Clutch

You also want to make sure you’re getting bmw oem parts when looking for clutch components. Your clutch is responsible for keeping your ride smooth by managing several aspects of driving, such as the following:

  • Switching gears
  • Channeling power to the drivetrain
  • Stopping

Since these parts are so essential to controlling your bike, it’s crucial that you know their origin and quality.

  1. Muffler

A muffler can be critical to keeping on good terms with the neighbors, especially if you ride often. Buying an OEM muffler ensures a great fit and lets your neighborhood sleep in on the weekend.

  1. Heel Deflector

Protecting your feet while riding is vital if you want to stay on the road. Heel deflectors shield your boots from your motorcycle’s hot metal, saving you on expensive gear.

When getting repairs or looking for upgrades, treat your BMW motorcycle right. Make sure you’re getting workmanship you can count on with OEM parts.