When they finally move over to vaping, most people experience a brief period that is overwhelming. Like everything else, there is a definite learning curve to adopting this hobby. However, you shouldn’t let your first experience sway you from vaping.

Instead, work on adopting customized vape tips that work the best for you and your situation. Below are a few of these tips and tricks that will help you get started in the right direction.

Disassemble at Night

Make a habit of removing your vape tank or atomizer parts, especially if you had it filled with e-liquid recently. This simple chore prevents spills and leaks that occur occasionally. Juice leaking to the battery or button can easily lead to the death of your device.

Considering the amount of cash you have invested in your recent habit, it would be a shame if the device dies within your first week of use. Therefore, it is better to lean toward caution and carry out this simple task.

The Batteries

A critical piece to the vaping puzzle is the batteries, no matter whether you have a $200 box mod or the starter kit. Starter batteries usually have some form of color coding button that indicates how much life is left in it. It’s important that you do not let the battery die; instead, connect the charger as soon as there are indications that the level is falling.

Many starter kits have ego threading, which is a charger that screws onto the battery. However, you do not need to tighten this connection as it can easily damage the battery or charger. Once charged, remove the battery immediately – it is never a good idea to leave it charging since it will affect battery life.

Maintaining the Juice

Like other parts of your device, like the tank, mods and atomizers, the juice also requires some tender loving care. You need to make sure that you source your juices from respectful companies. For example, Viper Vapor has the best vape juice prices. In addition, always shake the e-liquid before using it so the PG/VG mixture and nicotine mix well for a quality vape.

What’s more, never leave your device in a location where it is exposed to direct sunlight. As a vaping newbie, nicotine is critical to you now, and sunlight tends to decrease nicotine intensity. Finally, do not leave the e-liquid containers open as this will change the juice’s flavor.

If you’re using an advanced mode, you most likely have custom-built coils, so ensure that you don’t over task the batteries. Plus, if you ever notice rips in the battery packing, do not use them – you can have them rewrapped relatively cheap.

Watch Out for Cracking

While the most reliable vendors will warn you early, many others are not that honest. You should know that not all vape tanks are the same. For example, you cannot use some vape juices in stone tanks.

In addition, you cannot use plastic tanks with some juices because of cracking, especially cinnamon and menthol flavors. Since most starter kits have plastic tanks, it may affect a new user’s experiences. If you’d like to enjoy the full range of juice flavors available, it’s advisable to upgrade to a glass tank as soon as possible.


The reason you have decided to move over to vaping is so that you can enjoy every single moment of it, so do so. While some of the information above sounds over the top or scary, it is critical that you’re aware of all potential scenarios. Therefore, take what you have just learned and even pass on the information to a fellow newbie vaper!