Cleaning Tool

Whether you live in a small walk-up apartment, a high-rise condominium, or semi-detached house, thorough home cleaning is a must. And it’s not exactly fun to do, is it? Regardless of the size and contents of your home, housework can be a real chore.

When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, tile floors, area rugs, carpets, dust and spills there’s one amazing home cleaning appliances that should be on your radar – a vacuum and mop combo.

Browse through combo mop vacuum reviews and you’ll find a variety of upright and robot vacuum styles that sweep, mop and vacuum at the same time, saving you valuable time and energy.

Why upgrade from your broom, mop or standard vacuum cleaner? Here are just a few ways the fast and efficient cleaning of a vacuum mop combo will benefit you.

Better Health

Indoors and out, we are routinely exposed to particles and pollutants in the air such as dust, soot or smoke. Once inhaled, this particle matter can be harmful to our bodies. While we can’t control the level of pollution outside, we can do our best to get rid of dust, debris and pet hairs in our homes.

Different styles and features will allow to clean hardwood or tile floors, low and high pile carpets, under furniture and furniture upholstery effectively reducing the amount of irritants in the air. Find best cleaning products at here.

If you suffer from allergies, reducing allergens in the air can help alleviate symptoms like nasal congestion and provide you with some measure of relief.

Save Money and The Environment

There’s no shortage of cleaning tools out there. But if you’re concerned with cost and/or your environmental  footprint, not all of those cleaning products make great choices.

Several household cleaning products are laden with chemicals (learn more here). Cleaning tools like traditional vacuums can require the ongoing purchase of disposable vacuum bags which is hardly environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, many vacuum and mop combos sanitize with steam using only water. That means you can wash and steam floors without chemicals and without wasteful bags to throw away.

The cost of vacuum mop combos requires a modest upfront investment but you’ll save money over time versus the cost of replacement vacuum bags and floor cleaning solutions.

Less Time and Effort

The best vacuum mop combos will save you time in so many ways!  High-powered mop vacuum combos wash floors and handle multi-surface cleaning without the need for mopping first. These marvellous multitasking appliances actually vacuum and mop at the same time!

And there’s more! Newer robot vacuums with AI technology allow you to clean floors and carpets with ultimate ease. Teens and tech-lovers will  jump at the chance to help with household chores when it’s as easy as scheduling cleaning from your iOS or Android phone!

Speaking of teens, if you have one who is transitioning from bedroom to basement living, here are some great tips to make that work for everyone. And yes, having a robot vacuum and mop should help with their enthusiasm toward housework.

Now that this amazing cleaning gadget is on your radar, we know you’ll be checking out the latest reviews to find the vacuum mop combo that’s right for you.