You will hardly find a woman who is satisfied with a single bag in her wardrobe, and why should it be a case when there is a variety to choose from. The confidential part about being fashionable is not giving in to expensive buys but going for things that suit your personal style and work well for any look or occasion. But you can still buy pre owned designer handbags, which can be less expensive. For ensuring you save while you look good, head to the Myntra fashion sale and get the best of all products at discounted prices. Here is a list of some bags which every woman should have with her to sanctify any occasion.


Tote bags are usually neutral and go well with any outfit if you choose the colour wisely. Women carry a lot of stuff with them wherever they go and this type of bag is possibly owned by most of the women out there. There is a genuine reason for it, you can carry all your items being simple and it looks fashionable at the same time. You should buy one of these if you don’t have any till now.


A day clutch which looks like an envelope goes well with your daily casual look. It helps you to carry stuff when you go out to chill for a shorter period of time and doesn’t weigh much. You might think it doesn’t have an impact over the outfit you wear but it certainly adds to the style you carry in your look and is must-have for your daily casual use.


An evening clutch is more of a formal one that suits your party look more often. There is nothing more precise than a black-tie clutch box which goes well with your party attire. You might not need them regularly like a day clutch but you should surely have one for important occasions to lit up any event. They have an elegance of their own and add to the complexion of any woman.


Sling bags have those long straps which can match your dress and look like a part of it according to the colours. Most women have these in their wardrobe and use it when they don’t need to carry a lot of items except their keys, mobile phones etc. These bags usually look casual and women can choose the design and colour according to their outfits and look fashionable without doing much. You should add one of these to your wardrobe if you don’t have any yet.


A weekender bag is all about your instant plans or short trips. They are not as huge as a carry bag and not too small as well. They can help in your night stays and can carry enough materials for an outing of a day or two. A suitcase might look heavy for these outings and you can’t have enough space in other bags for the same. These bags are highly recommended for your road trips as well. Weekender is a must-have bag especially if you like travelling regularly.


Cloth bags are the most casual and vital one in any women’s wardrobe. They are useful in numerous ways and offer a variety to choose from. They can be utilized for shopping or casual lunch date and will go well with your casual day look. These bags are easy to carry because of the straps and highly spacious and light in weight as well because of the material they are made up of. Any girl will want to have one in their wardrobe for a complete package. You can choose the colour and design according to your wish at various shopping platforms like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, the easiest and most helpful way these days.


A Zip Top Purse is all about your money, cards and bills. You can choose them over the clutch when needed and can work well for you in fashion sense as well. They are small packages with a lot of design and appeal. The trend of Zip Top Purse has been there for a long time and almost every girl wants to grab at least one of these to pamper themselves. The name almost suggests the design but fashion has evolved a lot and you can find varieties in it, go and get one for yourself to add the options in your wardrobe.

A Leather Bag

You might have everything but still crave for this one. A leather bag is all class and can add up to your personality in many ways. The quality and performance are undoubtedly the best with so many options to choose from. You can have so many colours but a black one will suit you any day. A classic quilted Chanel bag in black leather will go with any outfit on any occasion, that is pure class. You will need this someday for sure, so buy it now if you don’t have it yet and experience class in your personality.


You are on an outing and have to walk a lot, you might piss off hanging that bag on your shoulder or carrying one in your hand. The backpack is your friend who’ll save you from it. Backpacks are common but can add to your boring attire any day. These bags are perfect for your short trips, any professional events or meetings. It is just perfect to have a backpack and most comfortable to carry as well. It is surely a must-have bag in your wardrobe.

Women always have something special in their wardrobe and they love doing it. Bags are an essential part of your wardrobe and have become just as important as the outfits. There is a variety available online, you can browse and choose your bag from online shopping platforms like Myntra. The above list gives you an idea of the must-have bags which will assist you on any occasion and are highly recommended. Myntra gives exciting offers and deals to add up to your shopping experience. You can collect these bags and fill your wardrobe so that you are never out of options and have a bag that goes well with each of your outfits.