Trendy Summer Headwear for Men

During the summer heat, it’s essential to protect your head from the sun. Classic, formal or casual hats are a popular way to complete any number of outfits while keeping your head cool. From baseball caps to beanies, your options are endless—just make sure the hat suits the occasion!

When choosing different caps, there are also a variety of fabrics, colors, and panel styles to consider. Mesh styles are ideal for the summer, distressed styles are perfect for a casual ensemble and thick stitch hats are full of character—there are a seemingly endless number of options to choose from!

8 Summer’s Trendy Headwear for Men

Mesh Caps :

Mesh Cap

Mesh caps are the most popular style to beat the summer heat, since they allow for maximum breathability; additionally, five panel caps are a favorite among those who prefer streetwear fashion.

Baseball Caps :

Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is perhaps one of the most versatile hats available today. It comes in both the snapback and fitted variety, as well as in different styles including mesh, distressed, and thick stitch.

A fitted cap is one that comes in a specific size. Before purchasing one, it would be beneficial to measure your head size to ensure an ideal, comfortable fit. On the other hand, the snapback is a one-size-fits-all type of cap, which allows for adjustment along the back strap.

Patrol Hat :

Patrol Caps

The patrol hat has a military-inspired shape that is an updated version of the classic baseball cap. Often called a cadet or a field hat, it is also known for its distinctive shape. With a soft kepi and a stiff visor, this cap distinguishes itself with its flat top and simple panels.

While many patrol caps are made of 50% cotton and 50% nylon, a navy blue or khaki hat made of 100% cotton can be more comfortable and stylish this summer. Considering that cotton is a breathable fabric that allows the summer breeze to cool down your body temperature, navy and khaki are great options that can help to reflect the heat.

Cabbie Hat :


Similar to the flat cap or newsboy hat, this was a popular cap throughout the 19th and 20th century. A slouched, rounded cap with a small, stiff brim in the front, this hat is different from the flat or newsboy hat in that it isn’t paneled along the top. The cabby hat also lacks the iconic button that is traditionally attached to the top of other flat hats.

Today’s best cabby hats are made with herringbone and cotton to give it a nice, structured look that is comfortable to wear in any weather. Wear this cap to formal outdoor events, as it pairs perfectly with classic slacks and a button-up vest.

Bucket Hats :

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat has seen a recent rise in popularity due to the celebrities sporting these hats during the summer heat. Popular in 80s and 90s rap and pop culture, everyone from LL Cool J to Britney Spears incorporated this particular style into their ensembles.

Today, notables from Pharrell Williams and Rihanna to Rick Ross and Jessica Alba have been spotted wearing this funky style. With a brim that protects your head and shoulders in 360 degrees, it’s no wonder this hat is popular.

Panama Hat :

Panama Hat

Panama hat, long considered to be the most popular summer hat, is traditionally made from the jipijapa plant, and is also known as a toquilla straw hat. Its popularity grew due to President Teddy Roosevelt wearing the tropical hat while visiting the Panama Canal.

A hat of Ecuadorian origin, this hat is generally left undyed, retaining the color of the straw. Because of its color and breathability, this hat looks best when worn with white linen or a light summer suit and loafers.

Beanie :

Beanie hat for summer

Though the beanie may naturally seem like a winter cap because it generally covers the whole head, including the ears, they are also great summer hats. When made of lightweight materials like acrylic or polyester, you can wear this cap for the summer while skateboarding at the beach or hanging out at the movies.

Fedora :

Fedora hat

While you may mistake a fedora for a Panama hat, they are two distinct styles. In fact, the biggest difference between the two is the material: the Panama hat is woven with straw while the fedora is made of wool. The fedora also slightly differs in shape, as it has pinched sides and a long crease down the crown.

Like the cabby and the Panama hats, the fedora is best suited for formal occasions. Wear it with straight leg trousers, slim-fit cotton shirts, and a light blazer. You can complete this ensemble with suede brogues and sunglasses.

Summer Classics 

While many of these styles are classics that endure year after year, none of them can be described as plain hats. Each has its own quirks and character to add to your outfit, exuding a distinct personality ideal for fun summer attire. Choose your favorites and wear them all summer long!