Apartment Renovation

Apartment renovation, even though it can be a stressful event, usually is a chance for a new start. Regardless of the level of the remodeling — either rather small improvements and redecoration or a general overhaul, we should plan our actions carefully.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get carried away with all the excitement about redesigning your space. While being over-enthusiastic we tend to overlook our home’s technical facts or our own financial and technical possibilities.

To help you figure out how to plan your home renovation properly, we’ve decided to look at the operation from the other perspective — the most common mistakes we do when renovating.

Mistake #1

Not Paying Enough Attention to the Electricity and Plumbing

Checking the electric circuits, planning the distribution of outlets, and where exactly in the apartment the TVs should be plugged in or where to place the washing machine… Who’s got time for that? Well, you should! Electricity and plumbing are the very first things to take under control before you even touch the wall with a paint brush.

Old electric circuits can cause severe electric short and fire or explosion if there also is a gas installation. It’s irrevocably necessary to have your home inspected thoroughly!

Installing light dimmer requires remodelling the electric circuit, as well, so you have to decide on your light fixtures soon enough before starting the renovation. Same goes for the Internet and cable television (click here to look for TV installation opportunities in your neighbourhood) — the last thing you’d want is to be forced to demolish your freshly painted walls to make needed electricity improvements that you overlooked.

Also, general remodelling of the bathroom and kitchen has to be consulted with a plumber if you want to, e.g., install a dishwasher or replace a sink or toilet bowl. Anything that involves interference in your house’s current plumbing is going to require a certified constructor. Otherwise, there’s a risk that you’d either lead to a dangerous leakage or the whole building’s plumbing system disturbance!

Mistake #2

Playing a Self-Proclaimed Renovation Pro

The next step leads us to a very common problem — overconfidence and a very destructive wish to save money. Home renovation is not a playground! Sure, you can design your apartment yourself but still, you’ll have to consult your ideas with professional constructors.

You can save money on fancy furnishing and fixtures or unnecessary elements of decoration but never on your own safety and professionalists’ work! If you really want to have fun with some DIYs either look for workshops in your neighbourhood or ask the constructor if you could physically contribute to the renovation somehow.

Never do any constructing work on your own! Leave it to the real pros for your own good.

Mistake #3

Going Way Beyond the Initial Budget

Another mistake we’re so eager to make planning any type of home renovation is underestimating the actual costs of such an event. Also, being overly optimistic and assuming that there’s no possibility of any extra costs.

Surprise, surprise! Renovations are not cheap, carefree entertainment. You have to be extremely realistic and honest with yourself when it comes to the renovation budget planning. Do you really need and can afford that kitchen breakfast bar? Do you have the possibility of taking a loan? Think it through!

Have you already calculated the budget? Good. Now add 15-25% to the final amount you got. That how much extra one usually has to pay ultimately at the end of the renovation.

Keep it painfully realistic and stick to your fixed budget as much as you can!

Mistake #4

Demolishing All Rooms at Once

Digging into each room at the same time can be deadly frustrating and really messy. When you have renovation crew spread all over your apartment it’s easy to lose the track of work and progress. Only by taking renovation step by step you can get out of the event alive and keep it all under control.

Don’t try to unnecessarily speed up the process. Observe if it’s all going accordingly to your plan and stay in constant contact with the constructor.

It’s a fact that there are more pleasant ways of spending your free time than planning and supervising the stressful mess a home renovation is. But hey, it’s your very own nest you’re having improved! Take your time with careful planning so you can soon enjoy your renewed, safe space in peace and warmth.