How to Adapt Your Marketing for the Digital Era

A lot of products and services which have been around for a long time are slow to adapt to the new realities of instant communication and customer relationships online. However, if they don’t adapt to the situation, they lose a considerable amount of money and brand awareness, as younger people are more and more immersed into the digital world.

There are many things you should be doing in order to master the digital marketing world, but here is a good start.

Matrix Code

Your packaging is important for your brand’s image; not least of all because it is the first thing your customers see when they buy it. There are great tips on how to design your brand’s packaging to suit the image you are trying to create.

However, if you want your packaging to truly keep with the times, you may need to update it a bit. One of the most commonly used and most widely recognized modernization methods is having a matrix code somewhere on it. The matrix code is a generic term, but it is better known by its brand name QR code.

QR codes offer you the option of furthering the use of the packaging after the product has been opened. For instance, it can lead the customer to your website, where they can learn extra features of your product. Alternatively, you can organize a competition of sorts where some of the QR codes win prizes. Opportunities are quite broad with this technology.

Engage Your Customer Base Online

Having your website on the internet is no longer enough for leading a successful business. That will not make you stand out from the crowd of similar businesses because everyone else is doing it. Instead, what you need to do is reach out to your customers. Your website must have your contact information on it so that the customers can find you more easily.

Furthermore, there are various customer support services which you can implement on your website for instant and direct link between you and your customer base.

Finally, in the 21st century, social media are king. That means that you will need to interact with people on more than one platform. Currently, the most popular choices are Facebook, which offers whole pages devoted to your brand and Twitter, which offers quick responses and easy communication. However, the picture sharing social network, Instagram is gaining popularity as a marketing tool as well.

Advertise Smart, Not Big

In the time before the internet was as ubiquitous as it is now, marketing was fairly simple. All you had to do was invest a lot of money to have your ad run on every TV station and in every magazine and billboard around. What that meant was that the big companies had a huge advantage because they could sink in vast sums of money into the marketing campaign.

However, with the advent of the internet and digital marketing, suddenly that was no longer the case. Content marketing and search engine Optimization (SEO) are now one of the leading marketing options available. Content marketing experts can help you determine the best strategy for your company.

Other forms of marketing, including targeted marketing, are also budding in the free internet environment. Essentially, the customer’s behavior online is analyzed and based on their preferences and interests, specific ads are shown to them.

There are numerous other ways your marketing strategy can be updated for the modern world, but don’t forget that the quality of products or services is the best ticket to success.