How to Make Packing and Moving Easier

Moving is definitely a hectic task, but with some proven ways, it can be an easier job. Moving needs organization and proper planning. With some simple steps, you can make your packing and move a stress-free task. Here are some tips for you for your happy moving.

Organize the Move Early

Avoid last minute arrangements. Start your packing 4-8 weeks early. At this point, you should also get a moving quote from a reputable company to properly budget your move. Organize your moving by making the checklist of all the tasks.

Donate Unnecessary Items

If you have unwanted stuff, then donate it to donation organizations or any charity house. There is no point of adding extra boxes of stuff which you will not need at your new place. Don’t pack these things and save your time and energy.

Start Packing Early

Pack all those stuff which you will not need during your moving. Start your packing in advance. Get all your packing materials in advance like boxes, duct tapes, colored markers, sticker labels and bubble wrap to avoid chaos.

Arrange Professional Movers

Hire a professional mover from a renowned moving company. A mover is a must for your easy packing and moving. They will not only help you in lifting your heavy stuff but also make your moving procedure quick and effective. You can also get assistance from your mover regarding packing and re-assembling.

Choose Right Van

If your new house is nearby your old one then you can book a small van and make a more than one trip for all your luggage but if you are moving in another state or in a different city then a small van will not work. Then you will need a large truck to put all your boxes. And you will have to make only one round for shifting your goods.

When you will hire professional, then they will suggest about right-size van or truck for your goods.

Pack an ‘Essentials’ Bag

Make sure you have packed a separate bag of all the essential items you will be needing on the very first day/night of your moving. Your bag should contain basic tools like a knife, scissors, toiletries, some light clothes, keys of your new house, chargers, a pen and a notebook, some snacks and some drinking water or other drinks.

Keep Your Movers in the Loop

Inform your movers in advance that you have overweight things e.g. a piano, pool table, and if there are any entrance confinements, for example, a small lift area or a narrow garage. They will accommodate your necessities and plan as per the things if they will think that they need extra movers for that they will arrange them also. It will be beneficial for you if the movers know about all your basic stuff points so that they can plan accordingly.

Notify About your New Address

Send notifications to all your important contacts about your new address. Inform your local mailers to update your new address so that you receive all your emails on time. Also, update your new address on all your web portals especially on the e-commerce website.

Treat Your Movers Nicely

Whether you have hired movers or you have asked your friends or family members to help you out in your moving. Treat them nicely and appreciate them for their work. Ask for some tea or coffee to show your gratitude. It will make them feel good and will boost their work level.


Follow these tips and make your move smooth and stress-free. Moving is surely a big and hectic task but you can make it easier by following little yet effective ways. Good luck with your move and have a happy move!