M1-Powered MacBook Air Review

Apple introduced a new MacBook Air with an arm-based M1 processor to worldwide users. This high-end laptop runs faster than Intel-powered PCs and MacBooks. It reloads websites 2x faster than the M1-powered MacBook Pro. Moreover, this Apple product can run intensive games without lagging.

This new MacBook Air generates no noise while running. It is a lightweight Apple laptop which can be carried anywhere. Besides, Apple included the advanced macOS Monetary in the M1-equipped MacBook Air. If you are looking for a Mac laptop for editing high-quality images or videos, go for this one. 

Though many found the MacBook Air’s design like its predecessor, there are significant differences. This 13-3-inch Apple laptop is thinner than its previous model. It also delivers better performance than the Intel-powered MacBook Air. You can run most Mac apps on this laptop without installing additional software.

Now, let’s see the exclusive features of this M1-powered MacBook Air:

#1. Ultraportable & Premium Design

Apple’s MacBook Air M1 has the same wedge-shaped aluminium chassis as its previous model. This laptop also has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor same as the Intel-powered MacBook Air. 

However, developers made significant changes to the new laptop’s exterior. According to MacBook Repair Dubai, Apple removed a few buttons from the function row. There is a “Spotlight” search button in the M1-powered MacBook Air. 

Do you know what this Mac key does? It allows users to quickly find apps, emails and other essential documents. Moreover, Siri’s suggestions can get the latest news and sports scores. Spotlight can also be used to perform calculations and conversions.

How to Search with M1-Powered MacBook Air’s “Spotlight”?

Press the latest Mac laptop’s “Spotlight” button and wait until the search window opens. Go to the search field and write what you’re looking for. Hit the “Enter” key, and “Spotlight” will display the result on the top of the screen. 

However, this feature might not work if you have disabled it accidentally. Open the Apple menu in such instances and tap on “System Preferences”. Search for “Spotlight” and move its toggle from left to right to enable it. Alternatively, you can turn on this feature by pressing “Command” and “Spacebar” together. 

Did Apple include other buttons on the MacBook Air M1’s Function Row?

Spotlight is not the only button you will get in this new MacBook Air model. There is also a “Do Not Disturb” key in this Apple laptop. It will help the users to block the notifications while working on the device. The device stores all the notifications in the “Notification Center” when “Do Not Disturb” is on. 

Additionally, you get a “Dictation” button on the M1-powered MacBook. This feature helps you to dictate texts that you want to write. However, “Keyboard dictation” is disabled by default due to security reasons. Thus, you must enable this feature from Mac’s “System Preferences”. 

The dictated utterances will be sent to Apple to process the request after you turn on “Dictation”. Besides, a pop-up window will appear on the screen to adjust the speaking volume. But, ”Keyboard Dictation” may not be available in all languages. Tap “customised” to check which languages you can dictate the texts. 

Why did Apple remove the Cooling Fan from MacBook Air M1?

Apple upgraded the cooling technologies of the M1-powered MacBook Air. Developers included an aluminium heat spreader in this device instead of a fan because this laptop has low-power processors and doesn’t need a fan. 

MacBook Air’s built-in “heat sink” also keeps the device cool. It assures proper airflow through the Apple laptop’s air vents. Thai cooling technology also prevents the laptop’s excess power consumption. You can avoid overheating issues while using power-intensive apps.

Does the M1-Powered MacBook Air have a Webcam?

Apple’s new MacBook Air has a 720p webcam like its predecessors. Developers included real-time processing in the camera to improve the image clarity. 

You might notice a significant difference when using the MacBook Air M1’s camera. However, the web camera may often stop working during a video conference. You must contact an expert in such instances to fix the problem.

#2. Multiple Connectivity Options

MacBook Air M1 has two Thunderbolt 3 ports to connect an external 4K display. Additionally, you can transfer 1TB of data quickly using this Mac port. Apple also included 2 USB 4 ports in this next-generation laptop. 

Like Thunderbolt 3, USB 4 uses a Type-C connector to deliver a throughput of up to 40 Gbps. Moreover, this Mac port supports 4K and 5K displays. M1-powered MacBook Air’s USB 4 port lets you transfer HD movies in seconds. 

This new MacBook Air has USB-C ports and a headphone jack, just like its predecessor. However, Apple has removed the memory card lost from this device. It also doesn’t offer MagSafe charging, like the latest MacBook Pro models. 

Do you need an Apple laptop that has MagSafe charging support? We suggest buying the M2-powered MacBook Air instead of the M1-equipped laptop. Stick to this new MacBook Air if you don’t need MagSafe charging.

#3. Stunning IPS Display

Apple’s new MacBook Air has a 13.3-inch Retina display which offers clear details. This M1-powered device generates approximately 114.3% of sRGB. However, the M1-equipped MacBook Pro only produced a 110.6% sRGB spectrum. This indicates that the new MacBook Air offers more sRGB than the latest MacBook Pro. 

The higher the sRGB rate, the more accurately the colour will display on the Apple laptop. Do you need this MacBook Air for editing 4K videos? Then, you will appreciate this extra sRGB percentage of this advanced Mac laptop.

Moreover, MacBook Air M1 can produce up to 365.8 nits of brightness. Apple has also integrated “True Tone” technology into this device. It will help you to adjust the brightness when working in low-light environments.

What’s new in the MacBook Air M1’s Screen?

The M1-powered MacBook Air supports the “P3 wide colour gamut”. This technology helps the users to get more accurate results and bright images. However, this is not something the company first included in any laptop. All the latest MacBook Pros have a P3 wide colour gamut. But, Apple included this feature in the MacBook Air lineup for the first time. 

Most video editors choose a MacBook Pro over a MacBook Air to get accurate colours. However, you no longer need to switch to the expensive MacBook Pro models. Instead, we recommend buying this MacBook Air to get every feature in one device.

#4. Offers Power-Pack Performance 

MacBook Air provides excellent performance for Apple’s new M1 system-on-a-chip. You can work on multiple tabs on Safari without experiencing screen freezing issues. Moreover, users can switch from one app to another without glitches. The laptop won’t slow down its performance even when transferring large files through AirDrop.

You can download game files and stream 4K videos simultaneously from this laptop. Moreover, users can play multiplayer games, like Elden Ring and Valheim, smoothly. This new MacBook Air is perfect for multitasking. It will even improve your browsing and gaming experience. The M1-equipped MacBook Air offers 3x better performance than its predecessors.

Is the new MacBook Air M1 ideal for streaming online games?

Apple’s 13.3-inch MacBook Air has an 8-core graphics card faster than Tiger Lake Xe GPUs. This high-end integrated M1 GPU can run all the latest video games. You can stream the RPG games at an impressive 30 FPS. If you change the screen resolution, the game will run even smoother at 60 FPs. 

Playing first-person-shooter games on the Intel-powered MacBook Air seems to be challenging. Users faced FPS drop issues while streaming Valorant and Apex Legends. However, you won’t experience these problems when running FPS games on this new laptop. It can run first-person-shooter games at 901-00 FPS without glitches.

The M1-equipped MacBook Air can also run battle royale games, like Fortnite at 60-60 FPS. But, you must change the screen resolution to “2650×1600” while playing these games. Otherwise, the Mac laptop might generate graphics-related issues when running survival games. 

Can You Run iOS and iPadOS Apps on MacBook Air M1?

Apple’s M1 chip allows users to run iPhone and iPad apps on the MacBook Air. Moreover, you can download these applications from the App Store. Did you receive the “Not verified for macOS” message while installing an iOS app? This indicates the app isn’t compatible with macOS Big Sur. 

Here is the list of the iPhone or iPad apps that you can run on the MacBook Air:

  • HBO Max
  • Overcast
  • Among Us
  • Spark
  • iMovie

However, you may not find all iOS or iPadOS apps on the Mac App Store. Important apps like Instagram, Gmail and Slack aren’t currently available on MacBook Air. However, developers may add these applications to the App store in future. 

What added benefits are there in the M1-Equipped MacBook Air?

Apple replaced the Butterfly keyboard with Magic Keyboard in MacBook Air. This new keyboard will improve your typing speed and accuracy. Moreover, developers included a “Force Touch” trackpad to offer accurate input recognition. 

The company included “Dolby Atmos” in MacBook Air to offer a spatial audio experience. It also has three built-in microphones, which the previous model doesn’t have. Besides, this Apple laptop has 8GB of RAM and can last up to 16 hours. So, if we ignore the webcam, other than that, the M1-powered MacBook Air is incredible.

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