Living Room

Decorating a room and making it look attractive and trendy is a very interesting job. But at the same time it can also show up mistakes which can be avoided while designing the place. Most designers spend a lot of time trying to work on minute details and experimenting with a lot of things to come up with a perfectly decorated room. But invariably there would be something which would need attention or maybe something which would be mismatched in the room. Normally a living room is a place which is commonly used by the family and guests for relaxing and making good conversations. It is a place where people connect with their families and also for entertaining guests.

There is not one specific rule which needs to be followed for decorating a living room. It all depends on the size and proportion of the place. It is important to follow the basics of designing and create an attractive living room with a definite style statement.

#1. Wrong selection of coloring

The living room is the most important place in the house. Trying to make the room look attractive people sometimes go overboard and create mistakes. It is important to understand the proportion of the room and then decide on the colors and designing. Dark and bold colors will make the place look smaller and depressive. It is important to try out the color variations before committing to any color scheme. This is a mistake people make while choosing their color shades for the room.

The colors should be coordinated with the rest of the things in the room and it should adjust or match with the texture and pattern of the things. Using the right shade and coordinating it with the other things in the room can give a definite personality to the room. People make the mistake of using high gloss wall panels to give a style to the place. This may not go with the décor of the place.

#2. Unimpressive Furniture

The mistake people generally make in the living rooms is keeping the furniture placed against the walls. The furniture should be put close together, which gives more space to the room and creates an inviting ambience. It is important to add the right seating for people to sit around and have a joyful conversation. Creating and adjusting multiple kinds of seating options makes the room look cozy and inviting.

Adding sofas with colorful cushions gives the place a cheerful feel. Couches which are shallow can be more relaxing and look comfortable in the room. Sometimes furniture bought from discount stores may not match with the room décor.

#3. Unplanned Layout

It is always important to plan the layout of furniture, cabinets, carpet and other elements in the room. The wrong placing of the furniture in the room can make the place look unbalanced. The wrong wall paneling ideas and wall paneling styles can make the place look awkward. To go trendy and with styles people make the mistake of opting for different types of wall tiles or unusual wall tiles which makes the place look absurd. We must focus on the place and look for placing the furniture according to the proportion of the space available.

If there are windows in the room then the seating should be adjusted in the room, for the natural light to fill the space and make the room look bright.

#4. Adding a Television

The mistake that people normally make is to add a TV set in the living room and then adjusting the furniture against the wall to face the television. The Television becomes the major focal point in the room and the furniture then revolves around the placing of the TV. The living rooms may not require a television to be placed there.

#5. Incorrect Lighting fixtures

A living room which is well lighted actually sets the ambiance and the mood.  It is important to add proper lighting fixtures in the living room. Mistake people often make is not having the light strategically placed in the living room. We must ensure that the room has proper plugs and switch points for the lamps and other gadgets for the soft lighting in the room. Otherwise we can have wires and cables running haphazardly all over the room.

#6. Too much Greenery

Keeping too many greens around the living room can make the place look cluttered. The corners can be well utilized to put in the potted plants. The plants or flowers can be put in vases and placed on countertops or coffee table.

#7. Fireplace not required

Every living room may not require a fireplace. The place for the fireplace can be avoided as it may not be required in the living room. If needed then one can always opt for an electric fireplace, which is very convenient.

#8. Wrongly Hanging the Pictures

Hanging framed art piece or picture frames may not be done in the rightly in the living room. The lighting may not do justice to the artwork on the wall. The pictures or the artwork could be hung at a wrong position which may not do justice to the living room. The artwork should always be positioned on the wall at the right level so that people can admire them from a distance.

#9. Wrong Carpet size

Placing a carpet or a rug in the room immediately adds to the warmth to the place and makes the place look cozy and comfortable.  If the carpet is too big or small it can make the place look asymmetrical and give an awkward look. The mistake people make is, of not judging the footage of space available and they keep a rug or carpet in the room. It can make the place awkward with the furniture overlapping the rug and making the place look uncomfortable.

#10. Over styling the Room

Many times in trying to decorate the room, we tend to go overboard, which make the place look overly cluttered. We must keep in mind to strategically keep limited items so that it gives a character to the place and not make it look over done. The things should be well organized and not overdone so that it gives a sense of style and personality to the room.

Even a small change can alter the look of the place, to rectify the mistakes that we make while decorating a living room. Combining colors along with coordinating with different styles can make the place look inviting and cozy. The well decorated living room will always look attractive and inviting. It is important to take care of the mistakes and fix them so that we are able to enjoy the place and make the place look welcoming in the year 2019.