Men's Sweaters

Sweaters not only provide warmth in winter but it is also a style statement for men. Nowadays there are a wide variety of styles and knits that suits your look. This article will let you know about various latest trends of sweaters available in the market so that you can pick the right one. Before making your next purchase, have a look at the latest trends mentioned here and choose the one which makes you look stylish and trendy.

Sweaters shapes

On the basis of the shape of the neck, men’s sweaters are divided into various categories. Find out the type that suits you from the list mentioned below:


A cardigan is a casual sweater which can be worn over any attire. You can pick a lightweight cardigan to pair with big and tall clothes and a heavy knit cardigan to pair with small clothes. Today, these cardigans are available in huge range of styles but traditionally it had buttons in front. There are variations of cardigans where it hangs open without buttons. A cardigan without buttons looks similar to a jacket.  It helps in framing your torso and provide you a softer and causal look because of its relaxed material. You can button up the cardigan and layer it with a jacket for getting a better visual texture.


A V-Neck sweater is a straightforward sweater that one can either wear by itself or by layering it with other pieces. It provides a better visual display of the shirt that you are wearing underneath the sweater. At the same time, such sweaters elongate your face. You can pair it over a button-up shirt and show up the tie knots. So, if you are planning to wear a shirt with a tie then V-Neck sweater is the best pick.

Crew Neck:

A crew neck sweater is one of the famous style of sweaters available in the market. This type of sweater is considered in a more casual side than the V-neck. It has a collarless neckline which makes it an ideal garment to wear under a jacket. This neck style is suitable for men with slight or sloping shoulders as it draws the eye to the upper half of the body creating the illusion of a square frame.

Turtle neck:

A turtle neck sweater not only provide you warmth but it gives a total retro-inspired look. They are best suited for tall men with strong jawlines as they draw attention upward to the face. For a cool old school vide pair up a turtle neck sweater with a coat and jeans. You can even pair a slim fitting turtle neck sweater with a suit for a completely different formal look.

Mock neck:

Unlike a turtle neck, a mock neck is a simpler variant. The fabric at the top of the collar stands around the neck. This neckline is appropriate for those who like turtle neck but don’t want the extra bulk. It provides a sleek alternative and beside warmth and coverage it also accentuates one’s physique.

Shawl neck:

If you are looking for a very distinctive style which provides you a relaxed and casual fit then shawl or cowl neck sweater must be your first preference. This neck style is a more laid-back side in comparison to a turtle neck. It is suitable for men of all ages and because of versatility it could be paired with denim and boots or any other attire.

Now, you know about all the latest styles of sweaters. With winter looming in, go and purchase the right sweater which will not only provide you warmth in this season but it will become your style statement.