iPhone Monitoring Software

When it comes to the discussion about a gadget, iPhone is always put on the top list. However, the popularity of the device has led parents into a dilemma. The device makes their kids spend more time on an online activity that is hard for the parents to control.

Why Is It Important to Monitor Your Kids’ Online Activity?

Once your children are introduced to the internet and gadget, their world becomes borderless. In this way, the parent should be aware of the negative effects might be caused by online activities.

  • Cyberbullying

People tend to have more bravery to speak up about everything through social media. This leads the increase of cyberbully cases that experienced by children. Thus, by tracking your kids’ online activities, you will be able to find out pre-indication of any cyberbully might occur to your children.

  • Online Predators

Your children will meet a lot of new people through social media. Unfortunately, not all of them are good people. Reports show that internet now has become number one tool where online predators can do their actions easily. You need to protect your kids from online predators by checking their internet activities.

  • Sexting

Most teens now think that sending their sexy photos to their friends is something cool. They even think that it is funny to forward other people’s sexy pictures. But, you know exactly it is dangerous and monitoring their online activities can be a good solution to take.

  • Identity Theft

This is very important for you to protect your kids from identity theft. This is because your kids are still prone to tell out people about their personal information that should be kept in secret from others.

  • Protect Their Reputation

Sometimes, your children still can’t sort which one they should post in their social media and which one should not. The improper photos and quotes shared in their social media can harm their reputation as well as their future.

How to Monitor Kids’ Online Activity?

Due to the negative effects that children will get from their online activity, this is very important for parents to monitor the kids with their gadget. Unfortunately, there is much software that the parents can find in the market to help them check what their children do while online. One of the most recommended software to enable you to narrow your choice is FamilyOrbit. This is iPhone monitoring software is also compatible with iPad and iPod Touch. The software will make it possible for the parents to track the phone usage of their kids in many ways. With the software, you will be able to make sure that your children use their gadgets safely. In this way, you can take quick action once you find there is a suspicious online activity done by your little ones.

Why Choosing the Software

There are many reasons to choose the FamilyOrbit to control what your kids do with their gadgets. This iPhone monitoring software comes with many interesting features to offer to the users. You can also choose some of the best PC monitoring software to use as well.

  • Call History

The feature will make it possible for the parents to monitor call details such as number, date, and duration. In this way, you will get better access to the incoming or outgoing calls from your kids’ phone.

  • Text Messages

You will be able to track both the received and send iMessages and SMS in your kids’ smartphone. In addition, the feature also allows you to track the messages have been deleted from the phone.

  • Photos

This iPhone monitoring software can also help you to view photos taken and downloaded by your children into their phone as well as when they are taken.

This feature will also allow you to view chats received and sent via WhatsApp messenger application.

  • Location History

Do you ever wonder about what places your children used to go? The monitoring software from FamilyOrbit will help you to track the places that have been visited by your children with their phone.

  • Web History

The web history feature will make it possible for you to track the sites have been visited while they are browsing. In this way, you will be able to find any suspicious websites visited by the kids soon and then talk to them about it