Ecommerce software is the foundation on which Ecommerce platform is built. E-Commerce software solutions make it possible for ecommerce platforms to manage their entire gamut of activities. These activities may include tax calculation, inventory management, addition or removal of products among others, in addition to maintaining the whole website along with fulfilling customer orders.

Some of the best ecommerce software, available in the market, provide a compatible, easy to use interface that helps simplifying intricate processes, thus making them easy to use, even for people having a non-technical background. However, it must be noted that the functions of E-commerce Software are complex, multifaceted and multidimensional platforms.

The functions of e-commerce software include marketing activity simplification, automation of processes such as shipping and taxation, inventory management, order management, customer management and support, and significant enhancement of the overall user experience. All in all, software solutions can be divided into two broad categories, namely, on–premise and SaaS. Each category can be further bifurcated into different types.

There are a lot many ecommerce software solutions like HVAC Distribution Software from Unilog to check out. All of them vary in features, functioning, support, and other parameters.

One might tend to get confused regarding which one to prefer and which to ignore.

Here is our take on the 10 Best E-commerce Software Solutions that are available in the market.

Shopify :

It is another well–known E-commerce Software Solutions entity. It is particularly preferred for its design quality and user-friendly interface. It provides a feature that lets you design online store, according to yourself. Some of the advantages offered by Shopify include an extensive range of templates to work on, user-friendliness, HTML code access, app store application integration among others.

Shopify has a handful collection of apps which help businesses to boost their sales!

Apps like TADA helps merchants in creating gamified email popups to collect more subscribers while keeping the store visitors engaged and happy.

BigCommerce :

The another e-commerce platform, is usually preferred, when there is a requirement for setting up an ecommerce store, big in size, as it provides more advanced tools for the same. It is usually preferred by developers and software solution providers, who use it to set up stores for their clients.

The software provides facility to connect to Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and Instagram among others, for better channelization. It also offers its users a wide range of high-quality templates, along with providing different payment channels, as well.

Wix :

Wix is used by mid-size businesses, small scale businesses, as well as individuals for the transformation of their websites, into ecommerce platforms. The platform is a website builder, having an easy to use interface. The website is mobile responsive, thus, providing a seamless and hassle-ree experience from any device.

Because of this, people often tend to compare Wix with Squarespace. Almost all the processes required to be performed by an ecommerce platform can be streamlined using this software.


A shopping cart software solution, has applicability for businesses of all sizes and requirements. IT can be used to manage and create online stores. The software solution has a partnership with more than 200 different solution providers, thus making the overall experience of store building hassle-free and convenient.

The secure administration interface guarantees that you have full control over the entire platform, and all the aspects such as invoices, shipment tracking can be accessed through any of the internet ready devices.

VARStreet XC :

VARStreet XC is an ecommerce and sales solution, mainly concerning with office as well as IT supplies. IT is a cloud-based solution for ecommerce and sales and can be used for system integrators, solution providers, MSP and VARS. Businesses can also use the platform for the creation of their Ecommerce ventures and to create an electronic bridge between their subsidiaries or partners.

The solution comes with three variants and one may choose among these based on his requirements. The software provides tools to streamline the overall reselling process of IT products as well as services, thus resulting in increased revenue. The package comes with the ability to handle multiple currencies, an advanced search engine and an easy to use dashboard.

Volusion :

Volusion is particularly known for its better customer support, design wizard that helps you on your way to building your very own platform and its simple interface that enables any person, whether having a technical or nontechnical background to work with it.

The software solution also provides the expertise of a dedicated account manager. Also, the additional templates that you chose to install can be done even if you do not have coding skills.

Brightpearl :

It is a retail management ecommerce software solution that is multichannel in nature. The solution enables the management of various aspects such as handling, inventory, orders, among others, all in a single place. It also provides a real-time view of the cash flows, as well as inventory and consumer behaviour, thus, making it possible for multichannel players to gain profit and also aids in their expansion. The solution, particularly, is useful for the management of core operations.

WooCommerce :

It is a unique tool that can be used for the conversion of any WordPress website, into a fully functional online store. WordPress best practices have been taken into consideration while constructing this ecommerce platform. It is ideal for modification of an existing domain or for building a completely new one. The initial plug in version is free of cost; however, upgrades and advanced features are available for a price.

The onboarding wizard is instrumental in setting up of a store, easily due to its robustness and intuitiveness.

Dokan :

Dokan is particularly used for the online management of multiple vendors. The software solution provides frontend dashboard so that all products are accessed and managed effectively.

To put things into perspective, it can be said that it is a centralized hub that enables edition of promotions, product descriptions, rate cars all at the same place. It also generates detailed report descriptions that facilitate better decision making and greater control over the entire processes

Yotpo : 

Yotpo with its out-of-the-box concept enables the conversion of website visitors into buyers, by leveraging the trust of previous buyers. It has a set of what it calls retention tools that are instrumental in buyer motivation, thus facilitating additional purchases from the same platform. It also collects verified reviews, to attract more customers.

The features are particularly defined to boost organic traffic, in order to garner more sales.

So, start your quest for the best Ecommerce software solution now and get ready to have the splendid benefits in the long run.

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