Break The Pain Cycle With The Latest Pain Control Technology

Therapeutic treatments are being evolved these days in order to cut down on the use of medications. People are actually getting away from medications because they don’t want to mistreat their body. Rather they want to have the natural treatments which treat their mind and body and make them feel healthy.

Several types of non-medical therapeutic methods are there including acupuncture, massage, and psychological therapies. These help in reducing all types of physical pain and stress without any medication.

One of the best therapeutic methods of getting rid of pain is the TENS unit. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a kind of physical therapy which is actually helpful in getting rid of the body pain.

Treatment of pain at your fingertips

TENS machine therapy is basically the electrotherapy as the electrical signals are involved in the treatment of pain. This machine has the electrodes which send stimulated impulses to the strands of nerves that are under your skin. It is a small machine that is often used by your GP for giving physiotherapy for pain.

If you want to use it at home then you can ask your physiotherapist about the best TENS unit and its use. If you are suffering from pain due to arthritis, injury, Fibromyalgia, muscular cramp, menstruation, you can use this machine. Along with this, you can use this machine for getting relieved from a headache and foot and ankle pain as well.

Working of the TENS machine

TENS therapy makes use of the low-voltage electrical current for treating your body pain. It sends the electrical signals to the brain through stimulation to prevent the signals from reaching the brain.

In this way, you will feel less body pain and healthier. When the electrical impulse is sent to the brain through nerves, it has to pass through the gate. If the impulse is sent to the brain, your body feels the pain otherwise the pain messages are blocked in between at the gate to prevent the brain from getting the pain signals. As a result, you don’t feel the pain.

There is another popular theory which suggests that there is Endorphin Release when the TENS machine stimulates the electrical signals to the nerves. The production of endorphins and enkephalins are stimulated in the body on receiving the electrical impulses from TENS. These are the natural morphine which blocks the pain messages from getting transmitted to your brain. Thus, your body does not feel the pain.

Use the TENS machine in the right way

It is simple to use the TENS machine. You have to make sure that before you attach the machine to your skin, it is turned off. Now, position the electrode pads on the sides of the painful area which should be approximately 1 inch apart. After this, turn on the machine. It will make you feel the sensations on your skin. There are controllers which allow you to control the sensitivity of the impulse according to your body needs. Make sure that you start with the low impulses first. When you feel comfortable then only increase the impulse stimulation and as soon as you are done, turn off the machine.