Best Laser Hair Removal Technologies

When it comes to laser hair removal systems, there are many options both in terms of machine design and the kind of technology used. While advertisements, spas, and treatment centres supply consumers with the blanket term of “laser hair removal”, it would be interesting to note that there is not just one, but many kinds of technologies that might be a better fit for your skin and hair type. While some laser techniques might be better than others for effective hair removal in specific areas, there are subtle differences in all technologies. Despite the multitude of options available for laser hair removal in Delhi and other similar cities, here’s a detailed list of the five best techniques associated with laser treatment:

Quantum Laser Technology:

Perhaps the most widely used technology for laser hair removal, Quantum laser delivers a light beam of a wide range across the entire infrared spectrum. While many systems fall in this category, Aculight and PhotoDerm systems are the more user-friendly, and are thus the preferred method of operation of laser hair removal experts. The Quantum laser technology is gentle, and a relatively painless procedure, and therefore makes it ideal for use anywhere on the body. This quality makes it a perfect choice for patients who have sensitive skin or a low threshold for pain.

While it works best for those with a combination of dark hair and fair skin, it can be eventually used on all skin types. However, Quantum system’s ease-of-use is also because of the time it takes in showing visible results. So, patients who opt for this treatment of permanent hair reduction need to sit for eight to ten treatment appointments spread over a span of two to eight weeks.

F1 Diode Laser Technology:

The F1 diode laser technology is relatively new but is widely used by dermatologists and hair experts across India. Compared to other laser hair reduction methods, its laser has a longer wavelength, which enables deeper penetration into the hair follicle and thus causes minor damage to the skin. F1 Diode method also poses a lower risk of discolouration of the skin, thus making it a favourite among men and women alike. While this laser treatment technology is used for most skin colors, it shows best results in light to medium skin tones. The F1 Diode laser procedure has minimal side effects but requires several sessions to show measurable results. Further, since this is still a relatively new technology, an estimation about the longevity of its consequences is yet to be documented and assessed.

Medilite IV Laser Technology:

The Medilite IV laser hair removal technology measure the melanin content of the hair follicle, and the rate at which the laser’s light and heat are absorbed by the melanin, which is the pigment that imparts colour to the hair. It is the preferred method for hair removal for dark skin because of its high rate of absorption of this pigment. Since the laser utilized in this technology has long wavelengths, therefore they can reach past the melanin in the epidermis and into the melanin in the hair.

Since the Medilite IV laser technology has a larger wavelength, it also makes it the perfect treatment option to destroy hair at the papilla, which is the bulbous structure at the base of the hair follicle. However, since this technique seeks out more concentrated instances of melanin, this treatment is not very active on fine or light coloured hair.

Alexandrite Laser Technology:

The Alexandrite laser technology brings forth the fastest laser in the market, thus making it apt for covering larger areas in less time. Compared with other techniques, Alexandrite laser has a shorter wavelength which makes them best suited for medium to light coloured skin tones. Unlike other laser treatments, Alexandrite laser has been proven highly effective in eliminating thin and fine hair types. The speed offered by this technology makes it a perfect option for those who wish to cover larger parts of the body like legs, chest, and back. However, patients might experience some degree of discomfort. Also, patients with darker skin tones stand at a risk of suffering significant levels of discolouration and burns.

Palomar E2000:

The Palomar E2000 is the oldest type of laser hair removal technology that makes use of ruby laser in its system. Among all other laser hair removal technologies, the Palomar E2000 has the shortest wavelength, and is thus very effective on light coloured hair. The procedure is relatively painless, which makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin. However, despite its proficiency in all other areas, the Palomar E2000 can cause pigment changes in those who have a darker skin tone. In addition to this, they also cover a relatively smaller area in a single sitting as compared to other laser hair removal technologies.

When it comes to laser hair removal techniques, a number of factors come into play in choosing the right treatment for you. If you’re planning on getting a laser hair removal in Delhi or any other city, it is essential to select the technique that best fits your skin and hair type.