The Kratom community is a very massive and diverse market today since it has grown leaps and bounds with offline and online shops. The community today has been brought together through one common goal – The love and freedom to use Kratom. This community is not just a group of individuals but a large bunch of fan crowd that includes professionals, athletes, businessmen, young adults, students and much more. This community is huge and needs to be celebrated in all ways. Like every community out there, there are a group of people or fringe elements who think a new lifestyle or a new way of life can be very harmful and not safe. These people tend to spread a lot of bad views on this particular product and even move on to a phase where they could malign the name to the extreme level. The worst part is that even the Government joins this bandwagon, claiming Kratom to be harmful and unsafe for the public. But it is true to some extent that Kratom can be a bit harmful since it is being adulterated today by some misfits in the society.

However, this bad name is being removed by the storming inception of online vendors into the Kratom market. The online vendors can be trusted beyond a point since they rely on public reception and recognition. Also, they offer safe Kratom products to their customers at a reasonable rate. This post is going to offer positive insights on one such vendor who is very trustworthy and reliable. This vendor is very famous for their offers and much more. Here I am going to give you a detailed review on Kay Botanicals, a vendor whom I have been impressed with lately. I shall list out the strengths and weaknesses of this vendor in this post which will help you arrive at a decision.

Who are Kay Botanicals?

Kay Botanicals is the one-stop online shop for all Kratom needs at a reasonable cost. As a company who grew its roots a few years ago in Florida, they have come a long way becoming one of the best Kratom vendors in the market today.  Kay Botanicals is an eco-friendly company that provides all Kratom supplements to its users in the easiest way and safest way possible. People have already written so much and raved about this particular Kratom seller due to its popularity. This Florida based vendor is definitely the one to look out for and if you are not impressed already, please proceed to see what’s different about them.


There are different positives characteristics of Kay Botanicals which has been listed below.

Wide range of products

Kay Botanicals provides an exceptional range of products at their stores that are exciting. The store has more than 10 varieties of Kratom powder, 4 extracts, two soaps variants, and other products. This lineup is definitely too admirable and it really is a great treat to Kratom enthusiasts. Some of the products at Kay Botanicals are Red Horn Kratom, Platinum Kay extract, Premium Bali Capsules, White Borneo Kratom and much more. You can go through their site and have a look at their wide range of products that are for display. The Platinum Kay extract is definitely one of the most widely popular products and also a best-selling one at Kay Botanicals. As far as the prices are compared, the rates are very much reasonable and affordable. The starting price is just placed at 6$ and it goes up to 25$ at the maximum. This is the best place for even rarest of the products and they even have stocked up their inventory to the maximum and they never run out of stock. It happens only once in a blue moon.

Monthly offers

This is one advantage of Kay Botanicals that you would really love the most. The offers are too many and splendid. The monthly offers are the biggest attraction here since each month is designated with specific offers. Every offer is structured in a way that it benefits the customers in a huge way. Please go through their monthly offer blogs where each month offer has been explained in detail.

Shipping charges

The shipping charges are very nominal here without increased prices. You can always enjoy free shipping costs over a certain limit and also get a 5% discount on the shipping charges when you choose Bitcoin as the payment method.

Payment methods

For me, payment methods have always been one of the criteria to check if a vendor is efficient enough. Some of the vendors only provide few gateways or just one due to the controversy surrounding this Kratom plant. But here at Kay Botanicals, you can find a number of payment methods such as Card, Bitcoin, PayPal, E-check, and Cash-On-Delivery. These payment methods are exclusively available to all customers and anyone can use it based on their convenience.

Positive reviews

The whole online platform is filled with Positive reviews and here I have brought in a few reviews of the people on popular social sites.

“I have really been worried about using Kratom but then the people at Kay Botanicals just made it all comfortable for me. They were even patient to ask me about my needs and suggested a good strain for my health. And guess what? It worked, I will always keep purchasing at Kay Botanicals, no matter what. Thanks, guys”

“My friend suggested Kay Botanicals to me long back and my life has turned a new leaf ever since. I was so skeptical about choosing them for my wellness but then apart from the top-notch quality, what impressed me the most is the attention they give to their customers. Extremely impressed with the product and the company.”

Negative points

There are no major negative points from my side but to me, the delivery was a bit slow and I would consider that to be the only black mark associated with this company. Other than that, Kay Botanicals are a class apart.

My experience with Kay Botanicals

I shall keep it short since it is up to you to see if this company really works for me or not. As far as my experience is concerned, this company has kept me lively with their products and they have gone to the next level making my discard all other Kratom vendors from my life and become a loyal customer to them. So, I really had an enjoyable experience with Kay Botanicals and I am looking forward to more in the future.

Bottom line

I personally do not recommend any Kratom vendors since people would blame me if they find any inconveniences with those vendors. But I suggest Kay Botanicals since I am very sure about their quality and overall business model. So, please go on and try them yourself.