Hemp Oil

Gateway Drugs??

Pure Hemp Oil and marijuana have been in the news a lot lately. People say its the “Gateway drug,” and tell us as children to stay far away. As time has progressed, it seems marijuana and hemp oil are not bad at all! In fact, hemp oils and hemp can help us save the world! I’ll let you in a 3 ways the wonderful plant can help us out. Get ready for the enlightenment!

Pure Hemp Oil is great!

Everyday, there is a news article either in print or on tv about hemp and hemp oils being good for us. Rarely is there an article about how horrible hemp oil is. Why? The answer, it’s not bad at all! In fact here’s the first way hemp will save our world. The most important way hemp can save the world: Hemp can feed everyone in the world! Hemp seeds are commonly in the news nowadays due to their numerous health benefits. Hemp seeds can be eaten raw and you can add them to cereals or granola. They can be eaten with salads or sandwiches, you’ll get a lot of nutrients this way. You can also add hemp leaves to the salads too. Hemp Seeds can be added to flour to bake with, smoothies, or used in hemp milk. The hemp seeds have nutrients in them that help with brain development. It is very easy to grow and adapts to a lot of weather conditions.

Hemp Can Build

The fibers of hemp are known for their durability and that hemp grows quickly and these fibers are very durable. It has been studied that hemp is much more productive than cotton, because there’s more grown than cotton. The ability to grow basically anywhere helps. Cotton dies faster in natural disasters than hemp as well. Hemp can be used to build foundations to homes, hempcrete is the mix of hemp and lime. In England, there is a house made entirely from hemp and lime base. If builders were to use hempcrete for all construction, we’d have more resources from the materials used previously to build homes.

Heal The World

Deforestation is increasing as our populations increase. Hemp can give us an answer to ecological devastation of our resources. Hemp is renewable and a natural resource that can be used to make over a thousand products. Every part of hemp can be used to make something. It’s the most environmentally friendly plant that requires little pesticides.

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