Environmental Laws

One of the smallest countries in the world is Israel. This small country has very few natural resources and the country only measures roughly 20,000 square kilometers. Israel has a semi-arid climate, resource scarcity, a lot of limited space, and high population growth and these geography issues make this country susceptible to an environmental crisis.

Israel’s Environmental Crisis and Resource Development Issue

The Shrinking of the Dead Sea, pollution, water shortages, waste disposal and production, population density and air pollution are only a few of the issues that cause environmental crises and limit Israel’s development of any resources. Water is one of the developed resources that has benefited from the support of high government throughout the entire history of the country. Israel’s reclamation infrastructure and the conservation of water are some of the most advanced in the entire world. Half of Israel’s water supply is derived from treated and reclaimed wastewater, desalinated water a, d brackish water. The country has several international agreements regarding the pollution in the air as well as climate change and they include:

  • The UN Framework Convention on Climate Control
  •  The Kyoto Protocol
  • The Montreal Protoco

Even with these environmental steps taken in the country, their environment still continues to suffer as the standard of living and growing population increased the air pollutants and Green House Gas emissions, the over-pumping of water resources way beyond their replenishment rates, reductions in open or natural spaces via urbanization and the deterioration of the water that the people use for irrigation and drinking and hydration. To discuss environmental law firms like David Page law firm to get expert consultation on the reach and depth of these laws.

Israel’s Environmental Movements and Protections

Israel’s developments have always been a top priority but the environmental issues are a different story altogether. The Israeli government hasn’t always given environmental issues adequate attention either. Due to this, an increased robust environmental movement has occurred. Currently, there are over 100 organizations for environmental issues in Israel and their campaigns have had some success. Most of the organization through lack funding, the efficiency with narrow agendas or lack of employing professionals with the proper capabilities. Environmental law firms in Israel like David Page Law would be the one to contact about these legalities that your company may face while.

Israel’s Right to Know regarding Environmental Laws

A general right to know must offer the laws of offering tender and certain laws of the environment. The legislation for the water laws of Israel doesn’t offer a general right to now for the community or public at large. An ‘employee right to know’ was adopted in 1984 regarding the substances that they may have been exposed to while working. The country desperately needs to have an active public involvement with their environmental fields. If you are looking for legal consultation on Environmental Laws in Israel, consult David Page Law Firm.

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