White - Themed Kitchen

It can’t be denied that white kitchens are beautiful in its simplicity. With its characteristically neat arrangement of cream-colored kitchen cabinets, unpretentious all-white walls, and shiny counter tops, you can say that a white-themed kitchen is a classic in interior design.

Despite the simple beauty that an all-white kitchen provides, it’s still an excellent idea to add a bold color to prevent it from looking uninteresting. Take, for instance, painting the kitchen island with another color. Sounds interesting, right?

The kitchen island is the ideal spot to spice up the style of your white-themed kitchen. If you’re looking for color ideas, here are the top kitchen island colors to make your white kitchen stand out.

Wood-Toned Kitchen Island

A wood-toned kitchen island is an excellent addition to your white-themed kitchen. Not only that it makes this part of the home interesting, but it also provides it with a warm ambiance. This kitchen island color has natural elements that can give character to your white kitchen.

For you to pull off this color combination, you should keep in mind to select a wood varnish that can suit well with the decor of your kitchen.

Yellow Kitchen Island

Choosing a kitchen island color that can help a white-themed kitchen to look interesting is not that easy. It’s because you need to pick one that can blend perfectly with the dominant color of the room.

Among the top of the list of colors to paint your kitchen island is yellow. The combination of white and yellow in a room can provide it with radiant awesomeness. It’s advisable to add elements such as cabinets with a glass door or a wooden kitchen table to make it more captivating.

Purple Kitchen Island

There are perks of a white color to the interior design of a kitchen. For example, it can make the room look bright, spacious, and clean. But it’s excellent to not drown it with entire white as it can make the room look dull.

So to avoid that from happening, you should provide a variety to your kitchen design. Hence, it’s advisable to paint your kitchen island purple. Purple is a cheerful color, and it’s the ideal color to turn your kitchen into a head-turner. If you want to paint your kitchen island with this color, you can check Gia Renovation for that purpose.

Crimson Kitchen Island

You can surely make your room attractive if you provide a crimson color to your kitchen island. Since it’s a bold color, crimson provides an amazing contrast to the simplicity of white. Indeed, it can strike a balance to the decor elements that you typically see in a white-themed kitchen.

Aside from the kitchen island, it’s also advisable to color your kitchen curtains and sideboards with crimson to make your kitchen an ultimate center of attraction in your home.

Black Kitchen Island

A black kitchen island in a white-themed kitchen can provide the room with a distinctive appeal and sophistication. This color addition is an excellent way to make your kitchen more modern because of the black’s glamor and depth

So if you’re looking to give your white kitchen a modern and sophisticated look, black is the go-to color for your kitchen island.


Yes, a white kitchen is a classic in interior design. However, don’t let this part of your home drown in white. It’s an excellent idea to add a different color to the kitchen to make it appealing.

There are a lot of kitchen island colors that you can choose to transform your white kitchen for the better. The colors mentioned above should be on top of your list because they can blend perfectly with the simple beauty of white color.