A picture of the words “passion led us here” on the sidewalk, to show how Jerome Karam followed his passions

Having a passion for a job can make it seem like there’s no such thing as going to work. Instead of it being a means to make money, it’s a way to go along with the journey and see it through. For Jerome Karam, founder of JMK5 Holdings LLC, he’s one of the ones who can say his career is a passion.

As a re-developer in Texas and Louisiana, Karam has taken over several properties and brought life back into a community. Like anything, it takes time and effort to follow a passion and put full effort into it, but the rewards can be outstanding. He encourages as many people as possible to follow their passions and enjoy the perks of that type of career choice if feasible.

The Benefits of Following a Passion 

There are many benefits of following a passion as a job. For one, it can lead to outstanding success in a career. Some of the most successful people in their industry love what they do, and it was a passion for them well before they started getting paid. Making money is always great, but most people realize that they’d rather be happy and make money instead of only chasing the check.

It can also help a person find more fulfillment in their work and feel more connected to a true purpose in life. Some are fortunate enough to learn this about themselves early on in their life. Others will need to go through a few careers and changes before realizing what they want.

When someone loves what they do, it shows. The enthusiasm is contagious, and it naturally draws people in. Others want to work with those people and be around them because they know that they are passionate about what they do. This can lead to opportunities that people may never have otherwise.

Following a passion can also help a person stay motivated and inspired. When doing something out of love, it’s easy to stay focused and motivated. A person will be more likely to put in the extra effort needed to achieve success.

It’s no mistake that Jerome Karam takes on redevelopment projects where he lives. Most of the more recent projects take place around the Houston, Texas, area. He wants to be close to the action and part of the redevelopment process. 

When a project finishes, it benefits everyone who lives in the area. It becomes a passion project not only for him but for anyone else looking at other surrounding buildings and seeing potential.

There may be some trials and tribulations along the way, but following a passion is always worth it in the end. It will help anyone stay happier and be a more successful person. There is more motivation to make it work even if there are some bumps along the way. No one wants to give up on work they feel passionate about.

Are There Any Downfalls to Following a Passion?

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The positives far outweigh the negatives with following a passion, but there is an opportunity to get too caught up in trying to make everything perfect. When someone truly cares about a project, they are caught up in trying to make everything work correctly. If just one thing is off, it can cause people to not feel satisfied.

Passion projects aren’t always the easiest to wrap up since most people in charge want to make them perfect. Jerome Karam has found this to be an issue with some of his projects in the Houston, Texas, area in the past, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. When taking on a large redevelopment project, he would rather it take a little longer than and not cut corners.

What holds a person back from following their passion and enjoying the perks? Fear is the biggest issue, as many people don’t want to go out of their comfort zone. They might already have a job that they are finding success in, even if it’s not a true passion. 

Walking away from a nice paycheck is easier said than done, even if it feels like the right move at the time. Getting a passion built up to the point that it can also provide the money necessary to maintain a lifestyle might be challenging depending on where a person is in their life.

Jerome Karam spent the first part of his professional career running a private personal injury practice. After dabbling in real estate development, he soon realized that it was more than just a hobby for him. To reach his goals, it was necessary to step away from his other job.

Why Jerome Karam and Others Believe in Following a Passion

Following a passion takes guts, but the rewards are hard to ignore. A compromise could be to start by following the passion on the side and then build up a business from there.

This is precisely the route that Jerome Karam took with his career. A passion can become a career, no matter what a person is into. It takes that push as far as motivation is concerned, followed by a strong work ethic.

More passionate people working in industries they love can be positive for everyone. Maybe it’s not a strategy that every single person in the world can follow, but people fortunate enough should do it for themselves. There might be untapped potential right there without people even realizing it.