Japan Sim Cards

Japan has always been a great tourist attraction because of the beauty it can offer with tourist destinations like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. There is also spring to look forward to, where people can watch the cherry blossoms bloom as early as March.

Japan is a great place to go for your vacation, but there are a lot of preparations that you have to make. Especially for communication, as you would not want your loved ones to worry where you are and what your situation is. A Japan sim card can be good for you if you are travelling to the country because other options might prove to be more expensive.

There is no such thing as free Wi-Fi.

For some countries, you can quickly get Wi-Fi just by turning on your Wi-Fi link; this will be a bit difficult when you get to Japan because most Wi-Fi connections need prior registration.

Roaming is expensive

Instead of using your sim abroad, it is more cost-effective to buy a Japan sim and not miss out on valuable business or personal calls. You have control over your spending, and you get to use what you pay for during your travel abroad.

Access to important apps

If you are unfamiliar with Japan, having ready access to Google Maps is essential. There are a lot of beautiful sites in Japan, and it will be fun to get lost in the country. You can also use the sim as somewhat of collateral if you decide to check in a hotel.

Uber is not available 24/7 in Japan, so a Japanese mobile number can quickly get a taxi or an English-speaking Uber driver. You can also get to use your phone to access translator apps to translate menu cards that are in Japanese.

A Japan sim card can also give you the data that you need for sharing photos, as it is a beautiful city to go to, and you can share photos immediately on your social media.

Functional networks available to get connected to

When you get a Japanese sim card, you can access either the Japan network or the MVNO or the Mobile Virtual Network Operator. They often use the system of other providers, which is why they can give a lot of good deals.

Some providers give you a lot of options if you get a sim card with them, such as calls, online ordering, and shipping, as well as picking you up from the airport once you arrive!

Most tourist sim cards in Japan are on data-only access, which is why you would need to have your family download the chat apps that you usually use so they can still contact you and get updates about your travel. It is the best option you can get as having a data connection gets you access to emails and messages.

Final word

Before you travel, make sure your phone will work in Japan, or at least bring one that will work in the country. Even if you have a different sim card slot for your phone compared to others, sim cards in Japan are customizable to fit any known size.

Getting it activated is as easy as pie: pop in the sim card to your phone, and make sure to read the instructions carefully to get everything up and running.

Author: Pankaj Singh is a senior digital marketing executive having 2 years of experience in SEO, SMM, SMO, blogging, etc with a wide range of content marketing skills. He is well-qualified literate in this field.