With the advent of Push notification services, the use of Email marketing has faced a drastic impact. But it is still in use because there are still some marketing campaigns that are only effective when you use the email marketing service. In this piece, we’ve mentioned some benefits of email marketing to recall its importance for certain marketing campaigns.

Here you go,

Top 5 Benefits of Emailing Marketing to E-commerce

Retain the Inactive Customers through

In this competitive environment despite your brand’s product, there are various other brands to which your customer can switch to very easily. Hence, even the most popular brand’s customers go inactive for a while. Don’t get impulsive, it happens. Maybe they are gone for good, or sometimes it happens because they just forgot about you. In the meantime to make the most out of your list, you should determine which you are dealing with. The best idea to attain your customers is to send reactivation emails to those who haven’t opened your newsletter for the last 1 month. Furthermore, you can also apply it to those special customers who still aren’t aware and have not purchased any product from your site.

By using reactivation emails, you can also determine whether your customers are likely to return. Even if they do not purchase your product by opening the email, you would still get to know that they are still there and thinking about your brand. And believe it, this is enough to strategize your email campaign effectively.

Increase Conversion with Segmentation

You can convert potential customers into your real-time customer people through email marketing, but you’ve to do it in the right way. One of the best to practice email marketing is to focus on segmentation. It because the segmentations help you to create more personalized messages based on the information that you have about the customers. If you want to send more personalized emails to a specific geographic region or buying behavior? Then you can for sure do it with segmentation. Moreover, with the help of the segmentation method, you can draft emails with a certain format that appears to be written just for the recipient – even though there are hundreds and thousands of users to receive the same email.

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There are some elements like the address and name of the customers that you can include to make a message more personalized.

Segmentation also helps you to boost the engagement with the following given types of emails:

  • Retention emails
  • Customer satisfaction emails
  • Emails for the subscribers birthday
  • Cart emails for abandoned shopping

Both Woocommerce Push Notification and traditional email marketing have significance on the different related occasions.

Rewarding your loyal customers

To retain your customers for a longer time and keep them coming back is one of the most important things that you should consider as a marketer. One way to practice it is to operate an automated reward program scheme through email. You can give reward customers who are with you for a long time and have met the desired milestone, like a dollar amount or number of products purchased. This practice makes your customers feel special and provokes them to stay with you for a longer time. Moreover, you should avoid limiting your reward to some fixed discounts alone, because this way you can lose the dynamics of your business.

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Manage Brand Reputation

Another cool thing that only email marketing encompasses is: enlist an army of brand advocates! Allow and insist on your customers to leave a product review on your website and other social review sites, according to their experience with the related product.  It will help you to create your brand image and help you to serve customers better. The feedback that you’ll get from real people will also let you know exactly how to improve in order to make the customer experience better.

Support Ecommerce Sales

The most believe that email is just for driving people to buy or reminding them that your brand still exists.  But it carries a lot more that you need to know. An eCommerce trader or business should know that it is one of the most valuable tools that help them to keep in touch with customers about their orders.

Furthermore, you can use email to send the tracking numbers, thank you notes and more. And with it, don’t forget to ask for product reviews. These little elements can be covered by using the email, which let your customers more than happy.


Though there are various push notification service providers like WonderPush who has taken the benefit of changing need marketing environment. But as we have mentioned still email marketing has its importance in marketing.

We hope that our piece has made you excited about email marketing. Don’t forget to give your review down below in the comment box.