Infected Hair Transplants

It is rare for a person to end up with an infection due to a hair transplant procedure. This means you do not need to be overly worried that you will end up with infected hair or other problems, provided you are careful to choose a reputable clinic with experienced hair specialists.

Turkey has many terrific hair transplantation clinics, such as the Vera Clinic, where you can find out about the FUE method of transplantation and can be informed about any potential risks or complications.

While some inflammation such as folliculitis is common a short while after the procedure, an infection is not common and is not something to be too worried about.

The risk of complications and adverse events is actually very low, and the newer methods such as FUE are also considered safer and less painful than the older FUT method.

Infected hair transplants

Infection is possible because even with the FUE procedure, a doctor is cutting into your skin and exposing your blood and tissues to the outside environment.

Most reputable clinics will ensure that everything is sterile and may even wash your scalp with an antibiotic solution so as to minimize the risk of infection.

Infection rate is usually lower than 1% and is one reason why hair transplant doctors do not want to do the procedure on people with certain medical conditions. This is because a person in poor health is much more vulnerable to infection as their immune system is often not as strong as a healthy person.

Aseptic techniques are important as is using sterilized instruments. Even though hair transplant procedures such as the FUT and FUE are minimally invasive, sterility is a very important part of the process.

An infection can be treated with antibiotics since it is caused by bacteria, but it is better to avoid an infection in the first place.

The smaller cuts and tissue sizes removed in the FUE compared with the FUT should decrease the chance of infection.

Technique and infection risk

Doctors have noted that the equipment that is used also has to be in good condition and the doctors need to have the training. The punches used to remove donor hair in the FUE procedure are 1 mm in size and only a small amount of tissue needs to be removed.

Incorrect procedures in which too much tissue is taken during a FUE has been shown to lead to more complications afterward. Poswalletal. in 2011 published a study done on complications from the FUE procedure.

They found that the use of blunt punches was a problem as was the use of too much fluid being injected into the scalp during the procedure. The other issue they mentioned was that doctors need to be cautious to not take too much tissue when performing the FUE technique of hair transplantation.

There is no reason you need to be worried about infection when it comes to hair transplantation work, especially if you do your homework and choose a decent and reputable clinic with experienced doctors.