Text Messaging

There’s no tool that’s quite as a powerful to a dealership’s sales team as informed, persuasive, and compelling conversation with customers. While many aspects of selling cars are changing rapidly in the face of new sales technology, the importance of conversation has remained as firm as ever. As a dealership that’s interested in staying on top of the latest and most effective ways to connect to customers, it’s vital that you promote your ability for one-to-one interaction with your customers wherever possible.

What are Your Options?

When it comes to the digital forum, there are two incredible services available to enable you to chat more readily with new and existing customers:

  • Texting
  • Live Chat

Live chat software is absolutely essential for any dealership that hopes to provide online users with an up-to-date experience. Live chat allows your web browsers to connect with live operators who can talk to them in real time, while working towards developing a sale or building a lead. This service allows customers to ask any questions about what’s available on your website, such as how to access insurance and financing applications, or specific questions about inventory.

Connecting with Your Sales Team

Live Chat also enables your in-house sales team to join in to the conversation at any time, specifically when they see a deal developing and wish to help develop it further. Your salespeople can then offer more in-depth information to the customer and share photos and videos in order to help demonstrate the features of a particular vehicle.

Text Plus

One of the latest digital services available to dealerships is to connect to customers through text messaging. The enormous benefit of texting is that it allows you to send instant updates to your customers, so your dealership can use text messages to advertise any particular offers you are developing regarding their vehicle. Given that so many customers today are glued to their phones, they might even find this more accessible than getting back to their computer screens.

The Convenience of Texting

Offering this level of convenience to customers will help you to close more sales and to direct customers to your store or to other features available on your website. Texting allows the option of adding images and video to help to drive the points of your conversation home. Any dramatic updates to your deal, such as insurance, financing approval, or special offers on upgrades can be instantly communicated to your customer, no matter where they are.

Keeping the Conversation Going

If your customer is out shopping and receives a text about a deal, they might already be close in proximity to your dealership and want to stop by to see the vehicle. This opportunity could make the difference between a sale closing and one that falls through. The ability to carry an ongoing conversation with your customers will dramatically increase your chances to foster the kind of familiarity that happens at the dealership, which customers appreciate so much.

There’s no doubt about it, the better online and digital services you offer, the more opportunity you have to drive sales home. In today’s hyper-digital world, investing in the ability to communicate directly from your dealership’s online platform to the customer’s phone is an enormous boost.