Vampire Diaries

If you have ever been a fan of supernatural fiction, and are looking to commit to a long chain of amazingly twisting storylines of a bunch of vampires, werewolves, and witches, we have in store for you just the right entertainment package. What started as a love triangle between two vampire brothers and a human Elena Gilbert became a decade-long journey of mystical and happening drama revolving around the lives of a few high school students moving into adulthood. 

These high school students juggled school along with fighting the Original vampire family, an original witch, and a lot of witchy drama. If this sounds promising to you, you need to watch The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies in the order we describe below. So get your Amazon Prime membership activated and get ready to dive into the world of Mystic Falls and New Orleans for the ride of your life. 

But before you take on this journey, it is our duty to remind you how crucial a good internet connection is to this ride. To get the best streaming experience, you need to ensure you have one of the best internet services to accompany you with smooth online streaming and through all your online activities. 

With the logistics all sorted, let’s dive into the world of the supernatural!

Start off with The Vampire Diaries till Season 4

So, first things first, you need a good understanding of how the vampire world works, and The Vampire Diaries should be your starting point. In the first few episodes, you’ll understand how the night creatures became day walkers thanks to their magical daylight rings that allow them to walk in sunlight. Otherwise, vampires cannot survive the sun, duh!

Seasons 1 to 4 will have you fully wrapped in the Mystic Falls drama surrounding Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, Jeremy Gilbert, Matt Donovon, and Tyler Lockwood. And of course, how can we forget to mention the Salvatore Brothers, who are the gravitational pull of all the drama? 

As these high school students learn about the existence of vampires, and figure out that all the people killed in animal attacks were actually killed by vampires, they begin to be pulled into an even darker world where supernatural creatures come barging at their doors. However, amidst all the dark, they get well along with the Salvatore brothers and hence begin a decade-long story of friendship, love, heartbreak, and loss. 

On a side note, Stefan and Damon were turned into vampires by Katherine Pierce, who was a vampire in the 1850s. She seduced both brothers, who in turn, fell in love with her. Skip a century and a half, and Elena Gilbert is Katherine Pierce’s supernatural Doppelganger. Crazy, right? Well, that explains the recurrent love triangle!

Watch the Vampire Diaries season 5 Premiere and then watch The Originals season 1 episode 1 and 2

Now before you get confused about the chronology, let us introduce you to who the originals are. The Originals are the first vampires on earth who were created by a spell cast by their mother, who was an original witch. The 5 siblings namely Klaus, Elijah, Rebecca, Kol, and Finn do not get along well and have centuries worth of bad blood between them. Klaus is special since he is a werewolf-vampire hybrid.

The Originals come to Mystic Falls in search of the doppelganger, who is Elena Gilbert. Apparently, killing Elena will release the energy for a spell to activate Klaus’s werewolf side so he can turn vampires into hybrids who would then serve him. 

Although Klaus enters The Vampire Diaries series in season 3 and his family follows in season 4, The Originals shed light on their history along with the present timeline. Klaus meets Hailey first in vampire diaries, where they have a one-night stand. The Originals begin with Hailey pregnant and Klaus in denial. This is a miracle baby as immortals can not reproduce but since Klaus is also half werewolf, he is destined to discover his true self as he looks forward to the baby. 

Many seasons later, Hope Mikealson is born and kept away from all the enemies his father has made over the years, to end up at a special school for supernatural children.

Finish the Originals and Delve into the Legacies!

Legacies begin many years after the events of The Vampire Diaries. Set in the iconic Salvatore house that has now been transformed into The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, we follow the life of Hope Mikealson as she navigates through her unusual life and unconventional capabilities. Hope, along with other kids like her, learn to control her magic and learn restraint to better manage her feelings and expression.

Ending Note

The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies in total make up a total of 331 episodes, which is a big commitment. However, we guarantee you, it will be worth your time. In addition, with summer here, it’s the best time to dig your head and binge-watch these amazing supernatural shows that will transport you away from your own mundane life! So get your snacks out and enjoy the ride!