Ideal Blind Picks for Contemporary Home Designs

Windows are great as these bring nature inside your house. You get natural air and light that makes your home positive and healthy. Whether you want to begin your day with a feel of fresh breeze on your face or by enjoying the view outdoors, windows do all that for you. 

However, you would also want to light and breeze out of your house. You might want a quick nap during the daytime, prevent the chilling gust of winters, or shun off the sand from the nearby beach. This is where the blinds in Gold Coast come to your rescue.

Blinds or shades add more flexibility to your windows. These elevate the functionality of the windows and make them more convenient.

Window covers are available in a wide variety with each having its pros and cons, both functionally and aesthetically. Here we enlist some blind types that work great for contemporary homes.

  • Roller shades

Roller shades are easy to use and come in various opacities. You can find a sheer piece that provides privacy by still giving you a view outside. Or, you can use complete opaque ones that help you sleep in total darkness. These shades are available in manual pulley-based models and automatic models that can be rolled up and down with just a button press.

  • Shutter blinds

When talking about shutter blinds, most people only imagine traditional and old homes. However, modern shutters are also available that look great with today’s contemporary homes. You can buy them for both interior and exterior usage. These shades deliver privacy and prevention in an incredibly stylish way.

  • Frosted glass as blinds

Frosted glasses are used as window panes to block the peeping from the outside. Being made of glass, these panes allow all the natural light to enter your house and keep it fresh, illuminated, and warm. The frosting blocks the view to deliver privacy. You can frost the entire panel for complete privacy or partially to have the outside view.

  • Versatile curtains

Curtains are the most common type of window covering for contemporary homes. These provide privacy, blocks the blazing scorching light, also serve as significant decor for the interior. You can find endless options in material, prints, and patterns to choose the one that blends with your decor theme. For instance, go for sheer to feel airy and open and other thick material for a calm and dark feel.

  • Roman-style blinds

Roman shades are similar to roller shades with a difference in the way these are stitched. Special stitching creates a folded pattern at the button when these shades are rolled open which makes them more stylish. You can choose a blackout material to total privacy and darkness or gauzy material for greater ornamentation.

  • Venetian-style blinds

Venetian blinds are quite dynamic in the sense that it allows a varying degree of incoming light and privacy. When you keep them open, you get greater privacy and a bit of light enters through them. However, you can roll them up to a wholesome light pour in the house, but with complete exposure to the outside.

  • Louvers shades

These are the most sophisticated option in terms of functionality as it combines the benefits of Venetian and shutter blinds. You can These work similar to Venetian when you open them. But can also be tilted when closed to allow different degrees of light to come in.