How to a Write Good College Application Essay

A solid college essay has a series of peculiarities which are a kind of common knowledge for students. There is not a big secret that every type of a standard academic writing possesses an introductory part, the main body and a conclusion. You may develop a few eye-catching sentences to grab your readers’ attention, fill in a worthy thesis statement and support it by the following three or four paragraphs, summarize your ideas into a compact as well as a laconic conclusion. We offer you to refer to the salvation Langston Hughes summary and be successful with this peculiar type of writing.

The situation is totally different in terms of a good college application essay. The most distinctive feature of this type is its purpose – application itself. It has to be fresh in terms of information and topicality since the main object of your writing is personally you. Though some information on your education has to be mentioned, you are supposed to convey your background information in a unique and interesting manner.

In order to understand clearly the essence of a college application essay, we offer you to try one tricky activity. Imagine yourself standing in front of a community of people ( in this case, an admission committee) and delivering a passionate speech describing your personality, life preferences, traits of character, outlining your life goals, triumphs, influencers. Moreover, a college application essay is not only about boasting about your personality only, but also you have to mention why you are the right person for the college or university. A responsible applicant has to understand that personal interest is of the utmost importance since an applicant without a definite aim is determined to be rejected.

The Guide on Writing a Good College Application Essay

The best advice you can ever hear is ‘take your time’ for getting involved in a writing process. Pre-stage is highly valued since it allows you to accumulate ideas, find sources if needed or even do a bit of research on the most successful college application essays.

#1. Collect a bunch of questions.

It is typical for admission officers to start asking you trivial questions and rapidly skip to challenging issues in order to spark your level of creativity. Therefore, we advise you to read carefully essay questions and try to answer them orally from different perspectives. Think of what you are asked one more time and answer in black and white. This technique is worth applying because the written answer is claimed to be better and smarter developed.

#2. Brainstorm your background.

It goes without saying that telling about your life in details is a tedious process in demands lots of recollecting and, presumably, gathering your relatives or friends points of view on your personality. No one forces you to tell every single detail and describe even the most intimate issues. First and foremost, reflect your ideas, set questions to yourself about your strong and weak sides. Write down only those which could be suitable for the college and university application. Choose at least three aspects you would like to concentrate on and develop them in an attractive and juicy manner. ‘Make’ a reader want to read about you.

#3. Resort to the mind – mapping technique.

A person with an outline is always trusted and reliable. It is necessary as we speak about working on a good college application essay. When you see the structure, you may understand if you develop your ideas fully and correctly. It is advisable to stick to the ‘introduction – body – conclusion’ pattern. This will assist you in making your application essay coherent. Do not forget about official manner of writing for the reason of being loyal to the admission officers.

#4. Write the essay and proofread it.

Now you are supposed to have a clear outline and layout of your college application essay. Try to keep to the defined path of your plan and focus on keeping it narrow and precise. Try not to use clichés, quotations or artificial examples because they may detect that you have copied this essay from an unreliable source. Remember that admission officers read a number of essays on a regular basis and they are sick of non-creative and ‘grey’ tasks. Therefore, remember about being yourself since natural manner and style is the best application in terms of writing essays.