Teachers have read hundreds of essays during the time of their academic careers, and you will be surprised at how seldom they come across essays that genuinely move them. It is not that difficult to impress a teacher with your, you simply have to put in the effort and you will be graded accordingly. When it comes to essay writing, there are some tricks in the bag that you can use which leave the reader under the impression that you have not only worked hard, but you also know the topic you are writing about. We know some of these tricks, and you can use them in your next essay.

  • Leaving yourself ample time to write the essay

One common mistake that every student makes is that they leave the essay writing for the night before the essay is due. Such an essay shows that not enough work has been put into it, and hence, will be graded accordingly as well. This is because you are not left with enough time to actually produce an effective, and the writing makes it fairly obvious. In order to have a lasting impression on your teacher, spend at least a week’s worth of work on it and your teacher will truly appreciate it.

  • Structure the essay differently

If you feel like you and your teacher are bored of how you structure your essay every time, and then try something new. Look at essays for sale, and see what other people are doing with their essay writing and learn a thing or two from them. Your point should be to make your essay stand out from the rest, so that your teacher actually can tell that you put in the effort and work into it.

  • Aim tot move the reader

Whatever the topic is, you can manage to have an impact on the reader if put a little bit of emotion in it. Use actual, real life examples to support your essay and move the reader. You might find it difficult in the beginning, but if your topic is such that you can add depth to, you should definitely write it like that.

  • Proofread a couple of times

A mistake that students often make is that they forget to proof read their essays before submitting it, and it is full of small grammatical and spilling errors that leave a bad impression on the teacher. You should make it a point to read the essay at least three times, and you will be surprised at the amount of mistakes you find. If you want to really impress the teacher, have them read it once and ask them if you should anything before you submit the final version. This will show the teacher that you are committed to the course, and are serious about getting a good grade for the essay. You can even ask your friends to read the essay so they provide you a different perspective.